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  1. navigable
  2. inept
  3. odious
  4. lexicon
  5. onerous
  1. a Hateful
  2. b able to be sailed upon by ships or boats
  3. c A dictionary
  4. d Burdensome or oppressive
  5. e Not fit or suitable

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  1. Authoritative act of prohibition
  2. a narrow band of strong, westerly wind currents encircling the globe
  3. low-lying country
  4. An increase in the general level of prices people pay for goods and services
  5. A lower point that allows easier access through range of hills or mountains

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  1. kinshipseasonal prevailing winds


  2. moneyseasonal prevailing winds


  3. piousReligious


  4. monomaniaseasonal prevailing winds


  5. nadirThe lowest point