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Africa Unit 2 Nov 2015


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The separation of whites, blacks, colors, & Asians
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
The transportation of slaves from Africa to the Americas
Settling(claiming) new land for one country. European countries did this a long time ago.
FW De Klerk
The African President who ended Apartheid
The killing of one race, culture, or religion, such as during Apartheid. Everyone but the whites were getting wiped out.
Expanding a country's power. Countries would start with one African country then expand.
Someone who loves their own country, such as Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela
One of the leaders of the movement towards freedom from Apartheid.
When Africa tried to develop a united Africa
African Union
An international organization within Africa to make sure Africa stays united.
Civil War
Wars between opposing sides within a single nation & the whites vs all the other races.
Kwame Nkrumah
Led Ghana to independence from Britain in 1937 & served as their 1st Prime Minister & President.
Why was Europe originally interested in Africa?
Natural Resources
Explain how the European partitioning across Africa contributed to ARTIFICIAL POLITICAL BOUNDARIES.
When Africa wasn't free, the political boundaries the Europeans drew were based on their own convenience not the citizens.
Explain how the European partitioning across Africa contributed to CONFLICT
African tribes lost control of their country, disease & starvation became widespread. Had wars, protests broke out, & tribes fought other tribes.
Explain how the European partitioning across Africa contributed to CIVIL WAR
The way the Europeans drew the borders, caused conflicts between tribes who didn't like each other but were in the same colony.
Who controlled SOUTH AFRICA? How did nationalism lead to the people's independence?
The British
The many protests the people did lead to the gov't having to give them their independence.
Who was in control of KENYA? How did nationalism lead to the people's independence?
Jomo Kenyatta lead them to freedom.
Who was in control of NIGERIA? How did nationalism lead to the people's independence?
They continue to demand a independent country.
What role did Nelson Mandela & FW de Klerk play in the evolution of Apartheid in South Africa?
Nelson Mandela- to abolish it
FW de Klerk - The president who helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa
What was the Middle Passage? How did this affect life in Africa?
The stage of the triangular trade that sent Africans to the Americas as slaves.
Affected life by many families losing each other.
Compare how various factors, including gender, affect access to education in Kenya & Sudan
Sudan - Favors males therefore males are much smaller, years of civil war, some religious schools closed off by gov't.
Kenya - Not enough $ spent on school
Explain how a governments stability affects how they work to combat AIDS & famine across Africa
If a gov't is stable, then that means there are smart people. Educated people can take care of themselves & figure out how to combat AIDS
How did nationalism lead to independence in South Africa, Kenya, & Nigeria?
People love their country so much that they will protest until it is free.
Explain the creation of & the end of apartheid in South Africa & the roles Nelson Mandela & F.W. de Klerk.
Creation - 1948, all white gov't led racist segregation
End - 1991, all are equal
Mandela - Worked to abolish it, got imprisoned for 27 years for protesting.
F.W. de Klerk - Predisent who helped bring an end to apartheid in South Africa.
What is the Pan-African movement & what has been its impact?
Movement - The attempt to create a unified Africa
Impact - Its impact has been that there is no more Apartheid.
Why has Africa been unstable since independence from Europe?
Every different race, religion, ethincity, etc. has had trouble coming together as one.
Describe the Triangular Slave Trade including the conditions of the Middle Passage.
1st step - Europe to Africa - manufactured goods
2nd step - Africa to America, AKA Middle Passage - slave trade conditions awful. 100's of slaves tightly packed together.
3rd step - America to Europe - Raw materials
Describe the cause & effect of colonialism in Africa. Give some examples
Cause - Resources, slaves, & land
Effects - Poverty & lack of economic development, civil wars, & revolutions
Describe the history of the slave trade in Africa from pre-European times to the mid-1800's
Slaves were used in Africa before pre-European times in Africa for agriculture
Describe some of the problems African countries have had since independence. Give specific examples.
Every country is having trouble coming together economically & socially.
Nigeria - military had to take over
Sudan - civil wars have erupted
South Africa - Apartheid