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  1. nebulous
  2. eschew
  3. ebullient
  4. parody
  5. impair
  1. a enthusiastic
  2. b a work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner
  3. c to weaken; to cause to become worse
  4. d hazy; vauge; uncertain
  5. e to keep away from; to avoid; to shun

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  1. to read carefully; scrutinize
  2. coarsely abusive; vulgar
  3. stubborn; hardhearted
  4. to make clear
  5. likely to happen threatening

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  1. quandarya puzzling situation; a dilemma


  2. pedantictending to show off one's learning


  3. elegya sad and mournful poem


  4. onerousburdensome; heavy; hard to endure


  5. denouementan outcome; result