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  1. Edward the Confessor
  2. Abbey
  3. Confession
  4. Pope
  5. Battle of Hastings
  1. a The group of buildings which collectively form the dwelling-place of a society of monks or nuns.
  2. b A battle involving the armies of the king of England Harold Godwinson and the invading Norman armies lead by William the conqueror.
  3. c The head of the Roman Catholic Church. His word was considered to be the word of God.
  4. d The childless and highly religious king of England, prior to Harold Godwinson, whose throne was contested by three leaders.
  5. e An act which was seen as necessary in order for sins to be forgiven. It involved going to a priest and receiving forgiveness or a penance.

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  1. A lever, which allowed people to be punished through having their neck and wrists immobilised. People would then throw objects at them. Usually used for minor offences.
  2. In the middle ages, a noble who owned and controlled all activities on his manor.
  3. The crime of preaching things that were against the teachings of the church.
  4. Also known as 'The Conqueror', this Norman ruler conquered England in the years from 1066.
  5. The year in which William of Normandy conquered England.

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  1. HellThe eternal punishment of separation from God, reserved for those who die in mortal sin and are unrepentant.


  2. VikingsThe process of attacking a castle, with the intention of either starving out the inhabitants or taking the castle by force.


  3. DrawbridgeA castle gate that was able to be lowered and raised, in order to allow access over a moat.


  4. KnightAn armoured soldier mounted on horseback.


  5. Bubonic PlagueA journey often taken by knights after being dubbed to a place considered sacred for religious purposes.


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