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  1. Tithe
  2. Parish priest
  3. The Inquisition
  4. Charlemagne
  5. Stone Keep
  1. a A 1/10 tax paid by all Christians to the church in the Middle Ages. It was on 'first fruits', and usually paid in produce, but later it could be in the form of money.
  2. b King of the Franks (French) and Holy Roman emperor. Through a series of military conquests he established the Carolingian Empire, which encompassed all of France and parts of Germany and Italy.
  3. c Worked in the local church known as the parish, the smallest church district, usually in a village.
  4. d Castle made of thick stone, the keep was protected by a palisade, defensive wall, moat and drawbridge
  5. e Started in Spain, was a process of capturing, torturing, and killing non-Catholics to root out Heresy.

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  1. Selling of forgiveness by the Catholic Church. The remission of sins granted to people by the Catholic church for money. It was common practice when the church needed to raise money.
  2. The childless and highly religious king of England, prior to Harold Godwinson, whose throne was contested by three leaders.
  3. The time of prayer and retreat to prepare for a knight's dubbing ceremony.
  4. The eternal punishment of separation from God, reserved for those who die in mortal sin and are unrepentant.
  5. A person who was given the job of keeping the fields free from roaming animals. Often a job given to a child.

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  1. FiefdomThe process of attacking a castle, with the intention of either starving out the inhabitants or taking the castle by force.


  2. PageIn the middle ages, a noble who owned and controlled all activities on his manor.


  3. MonksMen who devote their time to praying, studying, and copying, and decorating holy books by hand.


  4. DrawbridgeA castle gate that was able to be lowered and raised, in order to allow access over a moat.


  5. BarbicanA tower or walled gatehouse on the approach to a castle, especially one at a gate or drawbridge.