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No one knows the extent___the queen's fortune.


I fear___robots will take over the world in 2013.


There have been many fluctuations___the new company's growth pattern.


Native South Koreans are forbidden___attend gambling casinos within Korea.


My parents forced me___attend military school, even thought I didn't want to.


The frequency___electrical fires on the subway is truly alarming.


Some nutritionists hypothesize___too many dairy products can cause cancer.

in contrast to

__ ____ __my opponent, I believe that town funds should be used to build a new library.

in danger of

People who ignore speed limits put themselves __ ____ __causing an accident.

in order to

You have to break a few eggs__ ____ __make an omelet.

in violation of

By mistreating the prisoners, the eneral was __ ____ __ the rules laid out by the Geneva Convention.


Young children who watch television are inclined___become very lazy adults.

with from

People who are infected___the Ebola virus must be isolated ___ other patients.


My mother almost fainted when she was introduced___Frank Sinatra

just too

___ __ I have crossed over to the Dark Side, __ __ will you, my son.


Whenever I eat Brussels sprouts, I'm likely___throw up.


The clerk likend the man's complaining___the barking of a small dog.


My brother is often mistaken___Robin Williams.


The Rotunda at the University of Virginia is modeled___the Pantheon in Rome.

away from

The police officer told the intruder to move ___ ___ the door.

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