Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 11 (synonyms and antonyms)

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proponentSynonyms: supporter, advocare, exponent Antonyms: opponent, critic, foe, adversaryquaverSynonyms: quiver, vibrate, shiver, quake, palpitaterecoilSynonyms: (v.) flinch; (n.) kickback Antonyms: (v.) advance, proceed, gain groundrecoupSynonyms: recover, retrieve Antonyms: lose, default, forfeit, kiss goodbyereekSynonyms: (n.) stench; (v.) stink, smell Antonyms: (n.) perfume, fragrance, bouquetrelentlessSynonyms: stern, merciless, persistant, unremitting Antonyms: merciful, accommidating, indulgentrivuletSynonyms: brook, creek, rillsquanderSynonyms: misspens, dissipate Antonyms: save, economize, hoard, squirrel awaystaccatoSynonyms: abrupt, disjointed Antonyms: continuous, flowing, unbrokenstatuteSynonyms: rule, ordinance, enactment