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What is referred to as the Enlightenment period?
the period from the 1600's to the 1700's because they saw reason as a "light" on the errors of previous thinking.
How is the period of enlightenment different from the middle ages?
during the middle ages people put their faith in religion, but during the "E" period people put their faith in science and reason.
What is Natural Law?
the law that applies to everyone, everywhere.
What aspects of life are affected by Natural Law?
government and society
Who were the 2 English "thinkers" that searched for Natural Law?
John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
What does Tabula Rasa refer?
The idea that everyone is born with their mind a blank slate, that their thoughts are shaped by experiences.
What did John Locke believe?
John believed that all humans had the natural rights of life, liberty and property, and the right of equality.
How was Hobbes and Locke influenced?
Hobbes was influenced by the English Civil War (execution of the king) and Locke was influenced by the Glorious Revolution.
What does the phrase "separation of Powers" refer?
the Separation of Powers refer to the system of dividing the powers of government between the branches.
What does the Separation of Powers system allow?
the Separation of Powers system allows checks and balances to occur by making sure one branch of government does not become more powerful than the other.
What did Rousseau and Locke believe?
Rousseau and Locke both believed government existed to protect peoples rights and property , and that people were basically good.