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Trade name: Valbazen
Uses/Examples of parasites: endoparasiticides. Capillaria, Giardia, Paragonimus, threadworms


Trade name: Antirobe
Uses/Examples of parasites:antibacterial, Toxoplasma


Trade name: Task
Uses/Examples of parasites: Rounds, Hooks, Flea, Ticks


Trade name: Filaribits
Uses/Examples of parasites: heartworm preventative, rounds and threads


Trade name: Cestex
Uses/Examples of parasites: Dipylidium, Taenia, Alaria


Trade name: Panacur
Uses/Examples of parasites: Rounds, hooks, whips, paragonimus, lungworms, alaria


Trade name: Ivomec, Heartgard
Uses/Examples of parasites: Heartworm, otodectes, sarcoptes, rounds, hooks, whips, lungworms, threatworms


Trade name: Flagyl
Uses/Examples of parasites: Giardia

Milbemycin Oxime

Trade name: Interceptor
Uses/Examples of parasites:Heartworm, preventative and microfilaricide, hooks, whips, rounds

Milbemycin and Iufenuron

Trade name: Sentinel
Uses/Examples of parasites:Heartworm preventative and microfilaricide, hooks, whips, roundworms, fleas


Trade name: Proheart
Uses/Examples of parasites: Heartworm preventative, hooks


Trade name: Pipa-Tabs, Happy Jack
Uses/Examples of parasites: Rounds

Praziquantel Pamote

Trade name: Droncit
Uses/Examples of parasites: Echinoccoccus, Alaria, Diplidium, taenia, Paragonimus, Nanophyetus, Diphyllobothrium

Praziquantel + Pyrantel Pamoate

Trade name: Drontal
Uses/Examples of parasites: Rounds, hooks, tapes


Trade name: Revolution
Uses/Examples of parasites: Hooks, Rounds


Trade name: Albon
Uses/Examples of parasites: Coccidia

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