icb corner questions

mr payne ap english 11
quiet, gentle young man
what is mrs. meier's first impression of Perry?
he originally said he killed two by changed his statement to say that he killed all four; he doesnt want dicks mother to think dick killed anyone; he has a conscience
what changes does perry want to make to his initial statement to police? what is his motivation for making the changes? what does this suggest about his character
he realizes that someone cares about him but he doesnt even remember don cullivan
what is significant about perry's reaction to the letter written by don cullivan?
freedom of escape
what is the symbolic significance of the big yellow bird?
to rape nancy
according to dicks written statement composed in prison for his pyschiatrist, what ultimately was dicks motivation for invading the clutter place?
he considered the report completely significant; knowledge of their states of mind is necessary to understand their motivations and actions; capote tries to show that they might not have received a fair trial; the pyschological aspect should have played a bigger role
for what purpose does capote include dr jones' lengthy report, even though it was not admitted into evidence during the trial?
personal protest to gain power and attention; would rather kill himself than be killed by police; changes his mind when he finds a postcard addressed to warden from his dad
why does perry go on a hunger strike? why does he eventually change his mind and end his hunger strike?
studies law book and tries to plan out his appeal
what strategy does dick pursue in order to appeal his conviction?
spooky ending that makes it seem as though someone is following dewey in the wheat field; represents the mystery of life, but that life goes on; wind is almost an onomatopoeia
what effect is achieved by the alliteration in the closing sentence?