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  1. Peyer's patches
  2. Forament ovale
  3. Nk cells
  4. Ductus arteriosus
  5. edema
  1. a excessive of fluid in the interstitial space. Include
    - congestion heart failure: shortness of breath, dyspnea. Occur in right side of body cuz too much of blood
    - Elephantitis: mosquito carry Filarial worms cause clot to the lymph
  2. b a tube connect aorta to pulmonary trunk
  3. c are collection of lymphoid tissue in Gi
  4. d is internal non specific defense
    attack and destroy germs
  5. e a short window which connect 2 atriums to mixing of blood
    After birth the child start to breath, closing give fossa ovalis
    if still window still open cause baby cry, sob, unable to breath, turn blue because child can not get fresh oxygenated blood
    Tx: indomethacine or surgery

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  1. is failure of the venous valves to function so blood back track to lower legs
    - associated obesity who stand on feet for long time
    - genetic
  2. lack of blood supply in body, so treatment to place a tent inside blood vessels to prevent blood to clot
  3. supply blood to body
    fight to infection
  4. caused by closing of selumino valves causes Dubb sound
  5. stop of blood being straight up
    ex: wake up in the morning and stand up cause blood go straight so fast cause heart attack. Most dangerous type

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  1. Atherosclerosisis harden of the artery because of fat stimulation
    cause 2 risk factors:
    - heart attack
    - stroke
    too much sugar also cause this condition happen because of too much of blood vessels cause blood come to contact to surface also called thick blood and lead to clot, so harden to pump
    lipitor: increase good cholesterol HDL, and decrease bad cholesterol LDL


  2. third sound of heart beathearing like woozing sound caused by something going wrong with the valves - called heart murmur
    if it happens right after the first heart's sound - atriventricular valves
    if hearing murmur after the second heart's sound - selumino valves


  3. classical pathway of complement fixationtoo much fluid outside the heart cause the heart can not squeeze
    Tx: test tube to get fluid out


  4. first sound of heart beatcaused by closing of atrioventricular valves causes Lubb sound


  5. pericarditis - pericardiumis infection of a thin fluid membrane which helps to reduce friction
    Caused by virus, radiation, cancer, toxin
    hemopericardium: bleeding of pericardium