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Sub sahara africa focus quiz

Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro
the two largest mountains in Africa
Victoria Falls
a waterfall a.k.a. "smoke that thunders"
Africa's rivers
provide hydroelectric power and transportation
Tropical Rainforest
climate with significant amount of rainfall; lies along equator and Congo River
Tropical Savana
climate that supplies grasslands for continent's famous large animals
climate that covers more of Africa than any other climate
country with largest oil reserves
other climate found in sub sahara africa
Diamonds and gold
deposits famous in South Africa
Raw Materials
colonial rulers used Africa as a source of _____________ and left the continent largely undeveloped.
(7) crops that grow in Africa south of the sahara
coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, cacao, bananas, peanuts
constant problem for African farmers
In West Africa, wealthy empires emerged by trading ___ for gold.
In 1400's and 1500's _________ began trading with African societies.
Mid 1900's
When most African nations won their independence
Better living conditions
why people are flocking to cities in Africa
Great Rift Valley
a landform that is the result of a steep walled gash in the earth's crust