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The study of weather

A high water vapor pressure indicates

A relatively large number of water vapor molecules in the air

The time of day when the relative humidity reaches a maximum value is usually

as the time when the air temperature is lowest

The dew point temperature is a measure of the total amount of water vapor in the air


The temperature to which air must be cooled in order to become saturated is the

dew point temperature

particles that serve as surfaces on which water vapor may condense are called

condensation nuclei

condensation nuclei may be

particles of dust, nitric acid particles, smoke from forest fires, salt from ocean, all of the above

condensation nuclei are important in the atmosphere because

they make it easier for condensation to occur in the atmosphere

when radiation fog burns off, the fog tends to dissipate

from bottom up

radiation fog forms best on

clear winter night with a slight breeze

on a cold, calm autumn morning the formation of fog above a relatively warm lake would most likely be:

steam fog

which association below is not correct

altostratus- high cloud

which cloud is least likely to produce precipitation that reaches the ground?


light or moderate but steady precipitation is most often associated with __ clouds


Cirrus clouds are composed primarily of

ice particles

an anvil shaped top is most often associated with


hail is usually associated with what cloud?


Clouds that appear as bag-like sacs hanging from beneath a cloud are


if an air parcel is given a small push upward and it falls back to its original position, the atmosphere is said to be


the rate at which the actual air temperature changes with increasing height above teh surface is referred to as the

environmental lapse rate

a rising air parcel of air that does not exchange heat with its surroundings is an example of

an adiabatic process

the rate at which the temperature changins inside a rising or descending parcel of saturated air is called the

moist adiabatic lapse rate

the dry adiabatic rate is the rate at which

temperature changes in a rising or descending parcel of unsaturated air

most thunderstorms do not extend very far into the stratosphere because the air in the stratosphere is


which set of conditions, working together, will make the atmosphere the most stable?

cool the surface and warm the air aloft

if an air parcel is given a small push upward and it continues to move upward on its on accord, the atmosphere is said to be


__ are found beneath fair-weather cumulus (cumulus humilis) clouds, whereas __ are found between the couds

updrafts, downdrafts

the vertical motion of air caused by sun heating the ground iss called


Soaring birds in flight, like hawks and eagles, often indicate the prescence of


large raindrops fall __ than smaller raindrops, and have a __ terminal velocity than small raindrops

faster and greater

which cloud would most likely produce drizzle?


the merging of liquid cloud droplets by collision is called


if you observe large raindrops hitting the ground, you could probably say that the cloud overhead was __ and had ___ updrafts

thick and strong

after a rainstorm, visibility typically


rain which falls from a cloud but evaporates before reaching the ground is referred to as


large, heavy snowflakes are associated with

moist air and temperatures well below freezing

fall streaks most often form with

cirrus clouds

in the winter you read in the newspaper that a large section of the Midwest is without power due to downed power lines. Which form of precipitation would most likely produce this situation?

freezing rain

Which is not a correct association?

snow grains-- hail

a raindrop or partially melted snowflakes that freezes into a pellet of ice in a deep subfreezing layer of air


which type of precipitation would most likely form when the surface air temperature is slightly below freezing and the air temperautres increases as you move upward away from the ground?

freezing rain

precipitation withe the greatest size is

a raindrop

the lightest form of rain is


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