Norse Mythology

Where did the Vikings originate from?
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FriggMother of the gods. Goddess of marriage and children, married to Odin.BalderSon of Odin. Known for his beauty and wisdom. Balder was killed when his brother, Loki, discovers that mistletoe is the only thing that could kill him.ThorGod of the sky, lightning, and thunder. Most famous god of the Vikings.BragiGod of poetry and eloquence, married to Idun. He was called "Braggart." The word "brag" came from his name.IdunGoddess of immortality, and guardian of the golden apples of eternal youth.LokiThe god of trickery, disliked by the gods and is the cause of Ragnarok, the end of the world.HelGiant goddess of the underworld and death, daughter of Loki.Freyr and FreyjaTwin God and Goddess of agriculture, fertility, and love.HeimdallGod of the dawn, known for his amazing sense of hearing and sight.What was the cause of Ragnarok? (End of the world)Loki was outcasted by the gods for causing the death of Balder. Loki then leads the giants to battle against the gods.