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Breeds Hard Game 3

GV Wranglers Horse Bowl
Suffolk Punch
Because of its' "rounded" or "punched up" appearance, what was the Suffolk originally called?
Name a small dun-colored, genuine wild species of horse that was formerly abundant in southern Russia and Central Asia?
Sothern Pennsylvania
Where was the Conestoga horse bred?
What is the common name for a female of the species Equus asinus?
That it's an imported horse
What is the usual meaning of an asterisk used in front of a horse's registered name?
Name the most numerous light horse breed in Europe
In 1894, Colonel Battel found the registry for what breed of horse?
What breed of show pony was produced by crossing Hackney and Shetland ponies?
Robert Bakewell developed many improved breeds of livestock. Which draft breed is he known for improving?
US Calvary Remount Service
What organization started the ½ Arabian registry?
Born dark black, brown or mouse gray-turns white between 6 and 10 years old
Describe the coloring of the Lippizan from birth to maturity.
What is the height of the Lippizan?
Alois Podhajsky
During World War 2, the Spanish Riding School was saved by the efforts of who?