AP world history chapter 8, 13, and 15


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network of roads/goods exchanged hand a lot/relay trade route facilitated by China
what is true of the silk roads?
gave Western Europeans an advantage when the confronted peoples of the Western Hemisphere after 1500 who has not been exposed to the diseases of the silk road (immunity)
how did westerners benefit from the exchange of diseases along the silk roads?
sea roads carried (ore) bulk or mass product while the Silk Road carried luxury goods
in what ways did the silk roads contrast to the sea roads of the Indian Ocean?
which of the luxury goods came to symbolize the Eurasian exchange system?
central or Eastern Asia
Buddhism became an important faith in what part of the world?
Bantu & Islamic (Arabic)
Swahili civilization was most heavily influenced by which two cultures?
despite other difficulties, long-distance trade in the Americas was facilitated by who?
in which third wave civilization did the state largely controlled trade, not allowing a professional merchant class to emerge?
A reputation in the wider world for great riches (drew upon the wealth of the trans-Saharan trade)
The states that emerged in west Africa between 500 and 1600 shared which of the following characteristics?
trade communities allowed places for tax centers
how was the sunrise of Islam in the seventh century able to have an impact on Indian Ocean commerce?
both land based, cultural diversity, involved Europeans, Middle Eastern arabs involved
different goods traded, silk road is relay trade, Sand road is direct trade
compare and contrast the silk roads across Central Asia in the sand roads across the Sahara
sub-Saharan Africa and the Swahili
in which regions of the Afro Eurasian trade network did religions from other areas arrive and have a profound impact between 500 and 1500
no domesticated animal sell trade like oxen and camels, no wheeled vehicles, no clear writing system, little contact with each other's geographic boundaries ( north and south orientation)
what factors inhibited the development of long-distance exchange networks in the Americas
Silk roads
The term _______ refers to the land based trade routes linking the Mediterranean basin to China.
Silk was first produced in ______
black death
Close to half of the population of Europe died of ________ between 1346 and 1350
monsoon winds
The Indian Ocean zeros trade network was made possible by alternating wind current known as the ________ which allowed merchants to sail across the Indian Ocean easily and predictably
________ what's the fulcrum at the center of the Indian Ocean trade network
________ was a sought after trade product from East Africa in the Indian Ocean trade network
_________ was a sought after trade product from China in the Indian Ocean trade network
nutMeg or spices
_________ was sought after Trade product from south east Asia in the Indian Ocean trade network
The kingdom of _________ dominated the streets of Malacca between 670 and 1025 CE
The Swahili civilization rapidly became ________ Setting it culturally apart from neighboring societies in interior East Africa
The great Zimbabwe
I did speak between 1250 and 1350 CE _______ was a powerful kingdom in the African interior who's emergence was in part connected to the growing trade and gold on the East African coast
North African arab traders organize camel caravans across the Sahara primarily to trade for ________
the introduction of ________ to north Africa in the early centuries of the common era prove to be a major turning point in the trans Saharan trade facilitating a substantial increase in trade between the Mediterranean basin in equatorial west Africa
were primarily drawn from Slavic speaking regions of Eastern Europe
before the 1440 slaves in Western Europe _________
The spread of maize
evidence of at least indirect connections between the civilizations of Mesoamerica in the Andes before the arrival of Europeans include
minuscule tiny or small
The crucible earlier PNX for such as Columbus and de game were _______ in comparison to the size of Zheng he's fleet
The British may payments to Mughal authorities and the Dutch finally conquered and killed many Indonesians (diplomacy vs. violence)
what was one main difference between the establishment of the British East India Company in Mughal India and the establishment of the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia
they violently expelled all but a few Europeans (executed and tortured)
what was the attitude of Japanese shoguns toward Christian Europeans in Japan in the early 17th century
europeans became just one small group within a vast number of thriving Asian commercial networks (Europeans less significant)
which of the following statements best describes the relationship of the new European presence in the Indian Ocean to already existing Asian commercial networks
first link between Eastern and Western hemispheres,
what is a significance global silver trade
only in North America did competition between European traders mean that birds were retained largely through commercial negotiations (negotiation vs. taking )
it was an important difference between the Siberian a North American fur trades
economic changes resulted in ecological devastation in China but not in Japan (Japan look to the future, china wanted more )
what way did the Chinese response to the global silver trade economy differ from the Japanese response
in the 1700s
the Number of slave ship from Africa to the Americas peaked when?
The Caribbean and Brazil
what were most common destinations in the Americas for west African slaves?
slavery in the Americas was clearly associated with race in with plantation economics (inferiority/race vs. debt)
how did African slavery in the New World differ fundamentally from past instances of slavery in world history
what factors contributed to the predominance of African slaves in the Atlantic slave trade?
The Philippines
Spain's first foothold in the Asian commercial network was ________
private trading companies
unlike the Portuguese, The British and the Dutch used ________ to expand their power in the Indian Ocean basin
Indonesian and India
The Dutch and British East India Company's gain control over __________
The currency of global exchange between the 16th and 18th centuries was __________
animal furs
unusually cold temperatures and growing populations drove up the demand for __________ in the 16th century
African diaspora
spread of African peoples throughout the Americas as a result of the slave trade was called the ___________
The crop most responsible for the initiation of African slavery in the New World was __________
from the initial capture of African slaves to the sale of African slaves to slave ships only goes, almost the entire process was in ________ hands
what features of the Atlantic slave trade made it distinctive from slavery in the pre-modern world
what impacted the global silver trade have on world history