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  1. Kerner Commission
  2. Loving v. Virginia
  3. Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  4. T Eugene Conner
  5. the Black Panthers
  1. a the conference called by MLK Jr., to fight segregation. passive resistance stressed nonviolence and peaceful confrontation.
  2. b the commission that was created to investigate the cause of riots
  3. c the interracial couple who married in DC and were jailed when they returned to Virginia (a remnant of the Jim Crow laws)
  4. d the police commissioner who met peaceful protests with violence
  5. e the African American defense group that wanted land, bread, housing, justice, and peace. were very violent

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  1. spokesperson for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party at the 1964 Democratic Convention
  2. the party that was created after a state party convention rejected all African American candidates
  3. the committee that used sit-ins to protest and would remain there until they were served
  4. the founders of the Black Panthers
  5. the group that used freedom riders to challenge bus segregation

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  1. J Edgar Hooverthe first head of the FBI who wanted to expose and neutralize the acts of black nationalist hate groups


  2. remedythe first town to promote voters' registrations


  3. Elijah Muhammadthe second leader of the Nation of Islam who emphasized African American Superiority, and encouraged people to change their last name to X


  4. nationalismthe idea that there was no place in American Society for African Americans, and put an emphasis on African Traditions


  5. resurrection citythe name for the tent city set up on the mall that became a criminal breeding ground