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  1. I Have a Dream
  2. Civil Rights Act of 1954
  3. Memphis, Tennessee
  4. Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwerner
  5. Wallace Fard
  1. a the speech that Martin Luther King Junior gave after the march in Washington DC
  2. b the founder of the Nation of Islam
  3. c where was Martin Luther King Junior assassinated?
  4. d the three men who were murdered in Mississippi, their bodies were later found in a dam (discouraged blacks from registering to vote)
  5. e the act that banned discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin during employment

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  1. the police commissioner who met peaceful protests with violence
  2. the founders of the Black Panthers
  3. the first African American student to go to the University of Mississippi
  4. the party that was created after a state party convention rejected all African American candidates
  5. the African American defense group that wanted land, bread, housing, justice, and peace. were very violent

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  1. Ralph Abernathythe man who lead the Poor People's Campaign March


  2. 24th amendmentwhat piece of legislation banned payment of poll taxes as a condition for voting in federal elections


  3. black powerthe motto made by Stokely Carmichael that represented the more powerful position that they wanted in society


  4. nationalismthe idea that there was no place in American Society for African Americans, and put an emphasis on African Traditions


  5. J Edgar Hooverthe first head of the FBI who wanted to expose and neutralize the acts of black nationalist hate groups