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  1. Malcolm X
  2. T Eugene Conner
  3. separatism
  4. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  5. the Congress of Racial Equality
  1. a the party that was created after a state party convention rejected all African American candidates
  2. b the third leader of the Nation of Islam who said African American freedom should be brought about by any means necessary, but was assassinated by his own group after his pilgrimage to Mecca
  3. c the idea that there was no place in American Society for African Americans, and put an emphasis on African Traditions
  4. d the group that used freedom riders to challenge bus segregation
  5. e the police commissioner who met peaceful protests with violence

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  1. the boycott lead by Martin Luther King Junior in response to the arrest of Rosa Parks
  2. In 1964, when blacks and whites together challenged segregation and led a massive drive to register blacks to vote.
  3. the supreme court case that said the quota system can't be used in affirmative action
  4. the militant group that was frustrated with peaceful protesting, and differed greatly from King's ideals
  5. the final passage of the bill called on "Bloody Sunday" in Alabama.

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  1. Ralph Abernathythe first African American student to go to the University of Mississippi


  2. Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwernerthe three men who were murdered in Mississippi, their bodies were later found in a dam (discouraged blacks from registering to vote)


  3. Fannie Lou Hamerspokesperson for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party at the 1964 Democratic Convention


  4. freedom riderscivil rights activists who rod buses through the south in the early1960s to challenge segregation


  5. McCombthe first town to promote voters' registrations