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  1. what was julio iglesias' profession before he became a singer?
  2. in which city is the prado located?
  3. what is the capital of el salvador?
  4. What is the mexican religious holiday celebrated the day after all saints day?
  5. what is the body of water between baja california and the mexican mainland?
  1. a madrid
  2. b san salvador
  3. c The day of the dead
  4. d the gulf of california
  5. e soccer player

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  1. The dama de elche
  2. europe
  3. the mediterranean
  4. A matador
  5. Comedian

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  1. What precolumbIan relic Is the most visited exhibit at the museum of anthropology in mexico city?Aztec calendar


  2. how old was jorge luis barges when he wrote his first book?6 yrs old


  3. Who was Roberto Clemente?A famous lover


  4. Who was the dictator of Spain during WWII ?Francisco Franco


  5. what metal is mined near taxco?A group of musicians who wear medieval costumes.