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  1. Who might wear a suit of lights?
  2. What is the nationality of famous spanish singing group "menudo"?
  3. the population is greater in which country: spain or mexico?
  4. Who is the most famous South American soccer player?
  5. what was the profession of joan miro?
  1. a painter
  2. b mexico
  3. c Pele
  4. d A matador
  5. e Puerto rican

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  1. san jose
  2. The virgin of Guadeloupe
  3. El prado
  4. acapulco
  5. Rodeo

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  1. in what bicycle race did luis ocana excel?caribbean


  2. What is a tuna?A
    Castle converted into a hotel


  3. near what US city does ciudad juarez lie?el paso, texas


  4. what is the driest desert in the world?atacama


  5. What animal is used for cockfighting?Rooster