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  1. What famous artist lived in Toledo, Spain?
  2. Et futbol os of what origin?
  3. What two american film stars made puerto vallarta their home?
  4. Who is the famous Mexican artist who also painted murals in Mexico city, detroit, new york, and san francisco?
  5. What is the mexican religious holiday celebrated the day after all saints day?
  1. a Diego Rivera
  2. b Richard burton and elizabeth taylor
  3. c el Greco
  4. d The day of the dead
  5. e English

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  1. Windmills
  2. Pablo picasso
  3. the main square
  4. Sunday
  5. Castanets

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  1. what is the capital of el salvador?Samba


  2. What is the profession of El Cordobes?painter


  3. True or false: Sophia Loren is MexicanFalse


  4. what is the driest desert in the world?cuauhtemoc


  5. what is julio iglesias' nationality?carlota


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