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  1. What was don quixotes name for Aldonza?
  2. What hand set accompanies many spanish dancers?
  3. in which city is the prado located?
  4. Who might wear a suit of lights?
  5. Who was the dictator of Spain during WWII ?
  1. a madrid
  2. b A matador
  3. c Francisco Franco
  4. d Castanets
  5. e Dulcinea

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  1. Windmills
  2. san salvador
  3. Aztec calendar
  4. mariachi bands
  5. Real madrid

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  1. What is the most famous Museum in spain?the segovia


  2. who is the author of don ouixote de la mancha?miguel de cervantes


  3. what is the river that forms part of the border between the US and mexico?Speedy gonzalez


  4. How did Roberto Clemente die?mexico


  5. What is the fastest moving sport in the world?atacama