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  1. What artist is famous for his painting of toledo?
  2. what was julio iglesias' profession before he became a singer?
  3. What is the nationality of famous spanish singing group "menudo"?
  4. is chile to the east or west of the andres mountains?
  5. in which country is the volcano popocatepetl located?
  1. a Puerto rican
  2. b El greco
  3. c mexico
  4. d soccer player
  5. e west

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  1. The matador
  2. Bullfight
  3. World cup
  4. Fandango, flamenco! Bolero
  5. Speedy gonzalez

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  1. in what bicycle race did luis ocana excel?caribbean


  2. what is the capital of peru?lima


  3. discovery bay, where columbus landed, and runaway bay, where the british drove the spaniards out, is on what island?jamaica


  4. This expression is used when someone sneezesBullfighter


  5. what would you find at garibaldi plaza in mexico city?mariachi bands