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  1. who was the last ruler of the aztecs?
  2. What was the football war?
  3. What style of painting is dali famous for?
  4. who is the author of don ouixote de la mancha?
  5. Where would you find ancient paintings in altamira spain?
  1. a In a cave
  2. b cuauhtemoc
  3. c Surrealism
  4. d miguel de cervantes
  5. e 1969 conflict between el salvador and honduras ignited by hotly contested soccer matches

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  1. puebla
  2. tour de france
  3. san salvador
  4. Castanets
  5. Rodeo

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  1. What is the nationality of famous spanish singing group "menudo"?El Cid


  2. What is the most famous Museum in spain?El Cid


  3. What was don quixotes name for Aldonza?Dulcinea


  4. true or false: pablo picasso was born in malaga?true


  5. What is the profession of El Cordobes?Bullfighter