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  1. What is the most famous Museum in spain?
  2. What was the football war?
  3. what was julio iglesias' profession before he became a singer?
  4. what is the river that forms part of the border between the US and mexico?
  5. True or false one can ski in spain?
  1. a True
  2. b 1969 conflict between el salvador and honduras ignited by hotly contested soccer matches
  3. c the rio grande
  4. d soccer player
  5. e El prado

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  1. cello
  2. Jai alai
  3. Pablo picasso
  4. mexico
  5. A group of musicians who wear medieval costumes.

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  1. What is a parador?A
    Castle converted into a hotel


  2. What was Goya's professionSpanish


  3. What nationality was Magellan?Portuguese


  4. What is la vuelta a espana?Rodeo


  5. Indians in mexico make this good luck charm to protect their homesOjo de dios