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  1. which country shares the iberian peninsula with spain?
  2. san juan is the capital of which caribbean island?
  3. What famous painter is considered both spanish and french?
  4. the official language of the largest south american country is not spanish. name country and language?
  5. In what year were the olympics held in mexico city?
  1. a Pablo picasso
  2. b portugal
  3. c 1968
  4. d brazil, portuguese
  5. e puerto rico

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  1. To take a walk
  2. Fronton
  3. Spain
  4. El Cid
  5. El Greco

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  1. the gold coast lies on which body of water?the mediterranean sea


  2. Indians in mexico make this good luck charm to protect their homes1968


  3. Who was the Venezuelan liberator of South America?Simon Bolivar


  4. What was Zorro's secret identity?Dulcinea


  5. Who is the famous Mexican artist who also painted murals in Mexico city, detroit, new york, and san francisco?argentina


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