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  1. Who are Casper, Melchior, and Balthasar?
  2. near what US city does ciudad juarez lie?
  3. what is the largest spanish speaking country in south america?
  4. What famous piece of iberian sculpture is found in madrid's Prado museum?
  5. near what large mexican city is lake chapala?
  1. a el paso, texas
  2. b argentina
  3. c the three kings
  4. d The dama de elche
  5. e guadalajara

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  1. World cup
  2. puebla
  3. Sancho panza
  4. Argentina
  5. mexico

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  1. Who is the hispanic opera star who made a Domingo song with John Denver?Placido


  2. how old was jorge luis barges when he wrote his first book?6 yrs old


  3. what is the capital of costa rica?san jose


  4. who is the author of don ouixote de la mancha?miguel de cervantes


  5. What is the profession of Cantinflas?Comedian