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  1. near what large mexican city is lake chapala?
  2. What unsavory fictional character was the subject of an opera by mozart?
  3. what is another name for the rio bravo?
  4. What is the nationality of famous spanish singing group "menudo"?
  5. in which country is the volcano popocatepetl located?
  1. a Don juan tonorio
  2. b mexico
  3. c Puerto rican
  4. d the rio grande
  5. e guadalajara

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  1. To take a walk
  2. san jose
  3. Sol
  4. the pico do orizaba
  5. Fronton

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  1. in what country is the lost city of macchu piccu?mexico


  2. in which country does the amazon river begin?peru


  3. what is julio iglesias' nationality?Comedian


  4. who is the patron saint of madrid?san isidro


  5. what south american country is famous for gauchos?argentina