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  1. Who was Cisco Kid's sidekick?
  2. What is a parador?
  3. what is the most famous roman aquaduct in spain?
  4. Who were the Los Ninos heroes?
  5. What famous piece of iberian sculpture is found in madrid's Prado museum?
  1. a The dama de elche
  2. b Pancho
  3. c The 6 boys who jumped off the cliff at the military academy during the mexican american war.
  4. d the segovia
  5. e A
    Castle converted into a hotel

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  1. The matador
  2. europe
  3. lima
  4. 1969 conflict between el salvador and honduras ignited by hotly contested soccer matches
  5. mariachi bands

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  1. What musical instrument did Pablo Casals play?Rooster


  2. Who appeared to Juan Diego?Baseball player


  3. What style of painting is dali famous for?lima


  4. how old was jorge luis barges when he wrote his first book?6 yrs old


  5. what is the highest mountain peak in mexico?the pico do orizaba