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The features that distinguish across the eight orders of mammals. Also included are animal adaptations.


Mammals that have a pouch for rearing young.


The only mammals to lay eggs.


The only mammals to have hooves.


The only mammals to have a blow-hole specifically designed to inhale large quantities of air.


The only mammals to have forelimbs modified as wings for sustained flight


These mammals have canines designed for tearing meat.


Mammals that have incisors that continually grow.


The only mammals to have a pair of opposing thumbs, curled fingers & fingernails.

Kangaroos, wallabies & wombats.

Examples of marsupials

Sheep, goats, cows & Llamas

Examples of ungulates

Echidnas & Platypus

Examples of monotremes


Examples of chiroptera

Humans, chimpanzees & apes

Examples of primates

Wolves, bears & tigers

Examples of carnivora

Rats, mice & capybaras

Examples of Rodentia


Examples of Cetacea

Structural adaptation

These are physical characteristics such as body coverings, teeth and physical movements that help an animal to survive.

Behavioural adaptation

These are activities such as social behaviours that help animals to survive.


A special form of adaptation where one animal looks or sounds like another animal to fool predators into thinking its poisonour or dangerous

Protective colouration

An adaptation where animals coat colouration and patterns blend in with the surrounding environment.


An adaptation where animals travel to other regions for a variety of reasons.


Animals that go into a long sleep to slow metabolism and conserve energy.

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