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Substances in Blood Plasma


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constitutes about 92% of plasma; absorbs, transports, and releases heat
Plasma Proteins
constitute 7% of plasma; responsible for colloid osmotic pressure. transports hormones (steroids), fatty acids, and calcium. also helps regulate blood pH
protein in blood; maintains the proper amount of water in the blood
immuno______ helps attack viruses and bacteria. alpha and beta _______ transports iron, lipids and fat soluble vitamins in blood
plays a role in blood clotting
helps to maintain osmotic pressure and essential roles in cell functions
roles in cell function, growth, and development
Blood Gases
O₂ has a role in cellular function; CO₂ is involved in the regulation of blood pH, and N₂ has no known function. What are these?
Regulatory Subtances
enzymes catalyze chemical reactions. hormones regulate metabolism, growth and development. vitamins are cofactors for enzymatic reactions. What are these?
Waste Products
many are breakdowns of protein metabolism that are carried by blood to organs of excretion