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Floyd Wells, a jail mate, admits to telling Dick about the Clutter family. He came to investigators to tell them what he said

What event in the opening pages of the section "Answer" turns the investigation around?

He blames most of the actions done by dick on the injuries he sustained in the car accident. he says this so that he is not blamed for his child's actions, so people won't think badly of him raising a son that did this

Why might Dick's father propose that Dick "wasn't the same boy" after he injured his
head in a car accident?

He fell asleep right after dinner and that was unusual. He was unaware that his son had actually travelled to kansas. Dick also ate compusively

According to Mr. Hickock, what was unusual about Dick when he returned from his
alleged trip to Fort Scott? Why is this observation significant?

Just as dick and perry are about to assault a man who gives them a ride, another hitchhiker is picked up so they are unable to carry out their plan

What incident occurs on the road from Mexico to the United States that Perry calls a
"goddam miracle"?

The Lone wolf, showing that he is introverted and is aware that he is a social outcast. However, he still thinks that he is ahead of people, clever like a wolf, and he preys on others

What does the nickname Perry has given himself reveal about his character and his
self image?

Perry could be a warm, sensitive man, and cires. she was also afraid of him because he was capable of bad things, was deceitful and arrogant. His personality was contradictory

According to Mrs. Johnson, what paradox exists in Perry's character?

He tells the editors of newspapers and radios not to publish anything in order to not mislead the public. he hopes that dick and perry have a sense of security so he can get a confession

How is investigator Dewey able to conceal a possible breakthrough in the case from the
general public? Why does he consider it to be so important to keep new details of the
case hidden?

the murder is very similar to the murder that he and dick committed. he is concerned that they will become suspects because the crimes will be linked

Why is Perry disturbed by a newspaper account he reads when he and Dick arrive in
Miami, Florida?

capote wants to reveal elements of attraction between the two. Dick is a womanizer, and has an uncontrollable attraction to young girls. Perry reacts disapprovingly to his sickening urges to young girls

To what extent does Dick's sexuality contribute to his status as a societal outsider? What
is Perry's reaction to Dick's sexuality?

he was very arrogant during the investigation

What tone characterizes Perry's attitude when he is being interrogated by police after
being apprehended in Las Vegas?

He regrets that he didn't kill dick

According to Perry, what is his only regret about the night of the murders?

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