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self concept

how you come to know yourself comes from three sources; gender, roles and culture


your biological make-up


behavioral traits


we have several different parts we play, especially in groups


a learned system of knowledge, behavior, attitudes, values & norms that are shared by a group of people


miscommunication can occur between different cultures if incapable to understand each other


independence valued, prefer to work alone


collective action and group work valued. acceptance by family and friends is essential

high context

emphasis is on non-verbal communication

low context

more emphasis on verbal communication

high contact

like being physically touched and showing affection

low contact

personal space is highly regarded

conversational styles

everyone has a different style of communicating, not knowing the differences can be bad for a group


sensitive to time and deadlines, do things one at a time, time management is necessary


do many things at once, more relaxed with deadlines, meetings start when everyone gets there


rules and standards, determine what is appropriate or not.

high status member

every group has one of these to make sure the group is communicating and getting things done

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