29 terms

vocabulary 3rd. partial english 1 units 5-6

art gallery
a public building where you can look at paintings and other works of art
The Tate is a famous art gallery in London.
a financial institution where people can keep their money, or can borrow money.
I need to go to the bank this morning.
a road in a town or city with buildings along it
My street is a few blocks from the shopping mall.
a flat object with words or pictures on it, put in a public place in order to provide information or to advertise something.
The sign said "No left turn."
a large building with a lot of stores in it.
There are stores, restaurants, and a movie theater at the new shopping mall.
in the direction of your right side
Turn right at the corner.
an open public area with grass and trees in a town
I play soccer in the park with my friends on Saturdays.
a building where valuable and important objects are kept for people to see and study
The Louvre is a very big museum in Paris
movie theater
a building in which movies are shown.
The movie theater in my town has eight screens.
main square
a large and important open area of land in a town or city in the shape of a square with buildings around it
The main square in Mexico City is called the Zócalo
toward the left side
Turn left at the traffic lights.
a decoration for gardens and streets in which a stream of water is sent up into the air
There is a beautiful fountain in the park.
to obey an order, or to do what someone has advised you to do.
I followed the sign to Washington D.C.
a building where large quantities of goods are produced using machines.
A lot of people in my town work at the car factory.
a small informal restaurant serving drinks and snacks
We had a drink at the café before we watched the movie.
a structure that supports a road, railroad, or path going over a river, over another road, etc.
Go over the bridge and then turn left.
to change the direction in which you are moving or traveling, or to make something change direction.
Follow this road, then turn right after the school.
a place where many types of wild animals are kept so that people can see them.
We saw lions and giraffes at the zoo.
of or relating to foodstuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones.
"organic eggs"; "organic vegetables"; "organic chicken"
any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment.
interesting and full of action.
Last year was very exciting for me - I moved to a different country and started a new job
using something carelessly, so that some of it is wasted.
Not reusing plastic bags is very wasteful.
not good for you.
Fast food is very unhealthy.
making you feel worried and unable to relax.
Doing my exams was very stressful.
to use something again.
You can reuse your supermarket bags, so don't throw them away.
pleasant and making you feel relaxed, not stressful.
Our vacation on the beach was so relaxing.
to treat waste materials so that they can be used again.
We recycle our waste paper and glass.
making you strong and not sick.
Most Japanese food is very healthy.
concerned with protecting the environment
I try to be green by recycling and riding my bike to work.