Macbeth Acts 3-5

22 terms by peterh18

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AS Scene 1 of ACt Three opens, Banquo reveals in a short soliloquy he...

Suspects MAcbeth killed Duncan

Macbeth desires banquo's deathg because he fears him and...

the witches promised that Banquo would father kings.

In the extended banquet scene, Macbeth chastises Banquo for being absent. The irony of the speech lies in that fact that...

Banquo is present in the form of a ghost.

At the banquet, Macbeth's tortured conscience causes him to...

challenge Banquo's ghost.

During the banquet, Lady Macbeth...

attempts to account to the guests for her husband's odd behavior.

In Act 3, scene 6, we learn that Macduff has gone to England to...

gather forces to depose of Macbeth.

When Macbeth confronts the witches a second time, they conjure up apparitions, what are the appiritions...

Armed Head, Bloody Child, Child with tree.

The Murder of lady MAcduff and her children is commited by whom...

Macbeth's hired murders

In scene 3, Malcolm meets MAcduff in London and expresses concern over...

Macbeth's treachery

The murder of Lady Macduff and her children differs from that of Duncan or even or Banquo because it appears to be prompted by...

Fury and frustration

When Macduff asks about his family, ROss replies "they are well at peace" when he last saw them. His statement was...

Deliberately misleading

The news of Lady Macduff's death has what effect of Macduff...

It spurs his determination to unseat Macbeth.

Act 4 amply demonstrates that Macbeth has degenerated to the point where he...

feels he must kill all rivals to insure his rule

After hearing the further prophicies of the witches, Macbeth is...

encourageds in his propects.

The final act of MAcbeth supplies much evidence that Lady Macbeth has...

become mentally deranged.

Like her husband, Lady MAcbeth proves to be incapable of...

Any feeling of repentance for wrongdoings

Until the Very end, MAcbeth belives that

the witches' prediction will save his life.

As he prepares for his final battle, scene3, Macbeth expresses his disapointment that old age will not bring him...

love, honor, or many friends

Young Siward dies with honor at Macbeth's hands because...

He stands up to Macbeth and does not run.

In the play's opening act is constantly reffered to as a brave soldier, how is he reffered to now...


Macbeth finally meets his death by whom...


The play ends with the thanes acknowledging as Scotland's new and lawful king...


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