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This is the official CHALLENGE B Defeating Darwinism final test study guide. This is form Mrs. Amen's CC C.B class, yours may be slightly different. Hope it helps! Good luck on you test!
Words to Define:
Nature is the cause of everything.
Belief in a supreme being (God) that made the world but there after disappeared
Belief that God created and has a personal relationship with all of his creations
The belief that everything, including our minds, can be reduced to its material base
Natural Selection
the idea that the fittest survive and pass along their traits to their offspring.
the belief that all criteria of judgment are relative to the individuals and situations involved.
The belief in a multitude of different rationalities and considers science to be only one way of interpreting the world.
The belief that there is an universal rationality founded on science
The Difference between modern and post-modern:
Modernists are believe in science; postmodernists don't believe in science.
The microphone concept
The media will let you hear what they want you to hear, and is usually biased
Briefly describe the impact of "Inherit the Wind"
Movie based on the Scopes trial. A small-town school teacher gets arrested for teaching the other side of the story (Evolution), when the law required him only to teach Creationism. The movie portrayed Christians, as pious, ignorant people, who didn't know how to think for themselves. They just did what their preacher told them to do. The movie also portrays that Evolution is fact, rather than theory and that its OK for Creationism and Evolution to mix.
Briefly describe the difference between indoctrination and education
Indoctrination forces a single point of view. Education imparts general knowledge and develops the powers of reasoning and judgement.
Explain the diference between micro and macro evolution:
Micro-evolution: Recurring variations within species
Macro-evolution:The vaguely described process that supposedly creates innovations such as new complex organs or new body parts
What is the "mechanism of evolution"?
The mechanism in Evolution is the missing link that shows how the innumerable species inhabiting this world have been modified, so as to acquire the perfection of structure
Describe briefly the matter/Information debate:
Matter is important, but secondary. The Word (information) is not reducible to matter, and even precedes matter.
What does Johnson describe as 'the wedge'?
A wedge is different from a log in the fact that it can eventually split by a penetrating crack.
How does Johnson define the truth?
God of the Bible.
What were the 3 events that led to the gradual change in the way evolution is debater in the US?
The Darwin Centennial Celebration, Inherit the Wind, and the School Prayer Decision
Berra's Blunder
Berra confuses intelligent design with natural selection in his animal breeding example
write a 3 paragraph essay explaining the naturalistic world view vs. the Christian worldview. What does Johnson advocate as the best strategy in combating Darwinian evolution?
World view
Naturalist Worldview : Scientific data → random chance → Life is accidental
Christian Worldview : Scientific data → Intelligent design →Life designed with purpose