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When you have a problem with a USB device, what is the simplest way to determine that the USB port is good?

For external USB devices, try a different USB port.

When you have a problem with a USB device, what is the simplest way to determine that the USB device is not causing the problem?

Try moving the device to a different computer. If the device works on another computer, move it back to the original computer.

How can you determine that device drivers loaded at startup are not interfering with an application that is having problems?

Use the Vista Problem Reports and Solutions window or the XP Error Reporting window.These tools can help indentify and resolve blue screen errors, errors caused by device drives, and services and applications that fail to start.

What is the command used for testing memory?

Use the Memory Diagnostics tool (mdsched.exe) to test memory.

If you are not sure which device is causing a video problem—the monitor or the video card—which one should you exchange first? Why?

The monitor.

What type of device, when installed, is not listed in BIOS setup, Device Manager, or the Printers window?

A scanner, printer, or some USB or FireWire devices.

What is the term used to describe undoing a driver update?

The term used is called a roll back. If you don't like the results of the update, you can roll back the driver to undo the update.

What Windows Vista tool can you use to uninstall a USB device?

Use the Device Manager.

What Windows XP tool can you use to uninstall a FireWire device?

Use the Device Manager.

What Windows tool can you use to uninstall a network card?

Use the Device Manager.

What Windows tool can you use to restore the Windows system to a previous point in time before a device was installed?

System Restore.

12. What Windows tool can you use to update your video drivers?

Use the Device Manager.

What symbols might Device Manager use to indicate a device is not working?

Device Manager indicates a problem with a yellow triangle.

What level of permission must a user account have to install software?


If a computer won't boot, to figure out if the problem is related to the hard drive or other vital hardware component, what would be the first step?

Post or beep codes.

What is another name for a Windows Stop error?

Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD.

What is the name of the folder that is created when files from an old installation are moved during a reinstall of Vista?

Windows.Old folder

What is the purpose of the hidden partition used by many of the brand-name computer companies?

They generally store the operating system installation files on the hidden partition so they can avoid providing it on removable media (CD, DVD, etc.)

What information is contained in the C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\SRT\S TTrail.txt file?

Startup Repair process of Windows RE

What is the name of the log file that Windows uses when booting in Safe Mode?


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