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Learning Domain 7: Crimes against Persons.
A willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.
Battery causing/inflicting _____ bodily injury means a serious impairment or physical condition.
Great or serious bodily injury is a felony or misdemeanor battery?
Batter upon an individual is a felony or misdemeanor?
If you slapped a police officer then you would have committed a felony or misdemeanor battery?
If you were to break a fireman's nose then would that be a felony or misdemeanor battery?
Battery, Felony
SCENARIO: Women walked into her house and saw her boyfriend with another woman. She struck him on the head. He fell and was knocked unconscious. What crime did she commit and was it felony or misdemeanor? (Separate answers with a comma " , ")
Can a man be charged with felony battery on a police officer if he broke his nose while the officer kept repeatedly striking him while he was on the ground unarmed?
Battery on a sport official is a misdemeanor or felony?
Does the crime of battery require actual contact with the victim's items closely associated with the victim's person such as clothing?
Can a fist be a deadly weapon?
Assault with a deadly weapon or by means of force is a misdemeanor or felony?
Assault with a deadly weapon
SCENARIO: Two men were arguing and one man picked up a baseball bat then swung it at the other man. The second man ducked to avoid being hit on the head. What crime did the man with the baseball bat commit?
Does assault with a deadly weapon or by means of force require contact on the victim in order to convict?
Any person who places a elder or dependent adult within a situation such that the person or health is endangered would be charged with a misdemeanor or felony?
If a person commits false imprisonment upon an elder or dependent adult then he/she would have committed a misdemeanor or felony crime?
Is person who is 55 years old an elder?
Whats the age requirement to be considered an elder?
A dependent adult has physical or mental _____.
Is an adult with physical and developmental disabilities susceptible to elder abuse as well?
Any ____ physical pain or mental suffering brought upon an elder or dependent adult is a crime of elder or dependent adult abuse.
Kidnapping is a misdemeanor or felony?
This crime occurs when a person forcible, or by means of instilling fear, takes another person to another place.
In order for kidnapping to occur, the offender must expose the victim to _____ danger because of the movement.
If a victim was told to move by force and the victim reasonably believes some kind of harm will occur if he and she doesn't cooperate then the force used is sufficient to complete the crime of _____.
False Imprisonment
Unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another.
SCENARIO: A man lured his ex-girlfriend into his car then locked the doors to keep her from leaving. He wouldn't unlock the doors until she promised him a date. Is this type of false imprisonment a misdemeanor or felony?
SCENARIO: Two attorneys entered an empty elevator. Without warning, the defense attorney pushed the emergency button and began to harass the prosecuting attorney about a suspected ethics violation. When the prosecutor demanded to get off the elevator, the defense attorney refused to reactivate it. Is this type of false imprisonment a misdemeanor or felony?
Child abduction without or with custodial rights are both felonies?
Child Abduction With Custodial Right
SCENARIO: Martinez and his wife, in the process of a divorce, obtain a temporary custodial decree. The decree granted them joint custody of their 6-month-old daughter. Martinez was to have the daughters on the weekends. Martinez decided to go on a weekend trip with his daughter and did not tell his wife. When his wife frantically called, Martinez told her that she did not need to worry. He indicated they'd be back in a few days. He told her that since she had never treated him right during their marriage, he felt that she deserved to know how it felt to be mistreated. What type of child abduction crime has Martinez committed?
Is robbery a misdemeanor?
Is carjacking a felony?
A subject has completed the crime of carjacking once he or she has _____ over the vehicle.
Carjacking requires the intent to only permanently deprive the person in possession of the vehicle?
SCENARIO: At a gas station, a man got out of his car, leaving the keys in the ignition. He went to pay the cashier after filling his gas tank. Another man got into the car, started it, and drove away. Did the criminal commit the cime of carjacking?
Does 1st degree murder require a implied malice aforethought?
2nd degree murder requires a _____ malice aforethought.
If a carjacking ends up with a homicide then would the felony murder rule be taken into account?
Unlawful killing of a human being without malice.
Is gross negligence while NOT intoxicated a misdemeanor?
Involuntary Manslaughter
A man was in his suburban backyard with a high-powered rifle, practicing shooting into a cardboard target. He hit the target, but the bullet continued into a neighbor's house where it hit and killed the neighbor. What crime has the man committed?
The killing of one human by another, regardless of the circumstances.
Can homicide be lawful?
Present Ability
Capability to accomplish the act of applying force.
Malice Aforethought
The state of mind manifesting an intent to kill or conscious disregard of human life.