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  1. Crass
  2. Transient
  3. Induce
  4. Meticulous
  5. Plagiarize
  1. a Quickly passing, fleeting; (The moment of happiness she enjoyed was merely __________; soon she was depressed.)
  2. b Coarse, crude, and underfined; (Using foul language in front of your mother is ________)
  3. c To steal and to use anothers writing as ones own; (English teachers are always on the lookout for materials in themes that are ___________________.)
  4. d Taking great care, (I am usually very _________ in completing my assignments.)
  5. e To bring on or to bring about; (His personality changes were ___________ by his drugs.)

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  1. A person who lives in solitude, a hermit; (Howard Hughs is the most famous ____________ of the century.)
  2. To alienate, or seperate; (The neccessity to travel in his business may _________ him from his family for a short period of time.)
  3. To free from blame, obligation, or responsibility to exculpate; (I need your testimony to __________ me from this charge.)
  4. The quality of examining ones own mind or thoughts; (I must be very _____________ before I make my decision.)
  5. Givin freely, unwarented; (I resent your _________ comments becouse no one asked for them.)

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  1. LucidEasily understood, mentally sound; (His __________ remarks helped everyone understand the new tax code.)


  2. TerseA person who lives in solitude, a hermit; (Howard Hughs is the most famous ____________ of the century.)


  3. HypothesizeConcise; (The president gave a __________ statement dismissing the charges of the opposing party.)


  4. DiscursiveEasily managed, obediant, passive; (The dog was ________ until the doorbell rang.)


  5. MisanthropeA hater of man kind; (Hopefully, nuclear weapons will never fall into the hands of ______________.)