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  1. enervation
  2. fitful
  3. benevolence
  4. indelible
  5. dissuade
  1. a weakness (A poor diet will cause ___________.)
  2. b kindness, generosity, charity (His __________ was shown when he set up soup kitchens for the poor.)
  3. c cannot be removed, washed away or erased (Her comments made an ________ impression on his mind and he was never able to forget.)
  4. d to advise against, to talk out of (I tried to _________ him from going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, but he would not listen.)
  5. e irregular (Due to _________ sleep last night, I am not rested.)

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  1. to encourage or to assist (usually an offense against justice or the law) (To aid and _______ an enemy of the country is a crime.)
  2. characterized by ability to move quickly with suppleness and grace (The girl's ________ movements were the mark of a great gymnast.)
  3. to find out definitely; to determine (The detective attempted to ________ the truth through his questioning of the suspect.)
  4. excessively decorated (The ________ Christmas tree provided us with many hours of pleasure.)
  5. devotion and reverence to God (The man was noted for his ________ and devotion to the church.)

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  1. quiescentinactive, dormant (The eruption was a surprise because the volcano had been _____________ for many years.)


  2. precariousdiscomfort or distress (The young children were a source of __________ to their nervous, neurotic mother.)


  3. prosaiccommonplace, uninspired, banal (Because his writings are so ________, I find them boring and unimaginative.)


  4. squalidfilthy in appearance, sordid (There are _________ and depressed areas in most of the world's major cities.)


  5. obliterateto remove all traces of; to do away with; to destroy completely; to cancel (The men began to _________ the old building.)