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  1. enervation
  2. agile
  3. paucity
  4. precarious
  5. antidote
  1. a something that relieves the effects of poison (A snake bite need not be deadly, as long as one can get an ________ quickly.)
  2. b dangerous, risky, not a secure situation (It seems that a tightrope walker is often in a ________ situation.)
  3. c characterized by ability to move quickly with suppleness and grace (The girl's ________ movements were the mark of a great gymnast.)
  4. d scarcity, fewness of number, dearth (The low achievement test scores indicate that I have a _________ of intelligent students this year.)
  5. e weakness (A poor diet will cause ___________.)

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  1. excessively decorated (The ________ Christmas tree provided us with many hours of pleasure.)
  2. sparkling, shining, or flashing (The fireworks during a fourth of July celebration are a ___________ display.)
  3. praise or tribute (The young woman presented a touching ___________ at her father's funeral.)
  4. loud and discordant noises, cacophony (The ________ in the senate was so great that I could not hear the speaker.)
  5. ill will or evil intentions (The old man's _______ was obvious when he removed the girl from his will.)

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  1. squalidto expand, to swell (If a balloon is _________ too much, it will break.)


  2. ascertainto find out definitely; to determine (The detective attempted to ________ the truth through his questioning of the suspect.)


  3. obliterateunable to move or to act, sluggish (It takes a long time to get things done when we must depend on _________ bureaucrats.)


  4. fitfulirregular (Due to _________ sleep last night, I am not rested.)


  5. quiescentinactive, dormant (The eruption was a surprise because the volcano had been _____________ for many years.)


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