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praise, approval; to salute; to hail (He recieved a great _____ for discovering a polio vaccine.)


to collect, to gather, to accumulate (He _____ a fortune as a result of the oil strike.)


one who believes in the absence of government or law (When the government fell and there was a total state of disorder, the _____ was happy.)


to speak in a witty or teasing manner (The opposing coaches, who were old friends, _____ back and forth before the game.)


lighthearted, joyous, glad, cheerful, free of spirit (Her ____ spirit provided an air of gaiety at the meeting.)


harsh sounding, having dissonance (An orchestra is _____ when it is tuning up.)


equal (i hope that i get this reward that is _____ with what we have found)


the state of being self-satisfied (Considering that he is failing, it is curious to see his sense of _____.)


to dry up (When traveling _____ milk or soup is easy to carry.)


diminishment, reduction (The _____ of the nuclear weapon is the goal of arms control.)


to bring out a response, to evoke (I would like to _____ your participation in the blood drive.)


uninterrupted (The dog's _____ barking caused he an to have difficulty falling asleep.)


merriment, state of being jolly (There was much good feeling and _____ at the Christmas party.)


to start a fire, to stir up (The boys were taught to ____ a fire.)


stinginess, frugality; excessive economy (His family suffered from his _____ as he refused to spend adequate money even on the necessities of life.)


extreme poverty (There's much _____ in central Africa.)


having clear insight, shrewd, very perseptive (The _____ detective was able to determine the perpatrator of the crime.)


easily manipulated or able to bend freely withot breaking (The diplomat's insructions from his country left him no room to be ____. He could make no comprimises.)


to quiet or put down a disturbance (Fortunately, the principal was able to ____ the food fight in the cafeteria.)


to set right or correct (The school board has decided to increase funding for femle athletic teams to _____ past imbalances.)


to be sorry for, to regret (He will ____ the day that he tangles with me.)


a person who is lazy (Let's fire him. Not only is he slovenly but he is also a _____.)


acting in a secret and sneaky way (The secret organization moves by ______ to gather information on its enemies.)


brief, compact (Because her comment were _____ and to the point the ceremony was brief.)


marked by great volume or size (There are _____ writings about most of our presidents.)

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