Utah History Final Exam


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What were the Rocky Mountains formed by?
What was the Great Basin formed by?
Lake Bonneville
What region has all 5 of Utah's national parks?
Colorado Plateau
What created the smaller mountain ranges in Utah, like the Tushar or Abajo?
What causes one side of a mountain to be lush and green and the other to be a desert?
Rain Shadow
What were Utah's national parks formed by?
What are Utah's national parks?
Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Zion
What renewable resources can we find in Utah?
Trees, wind, water
What are Utah's educational programs funded by?
Trust lands
What type of map would you want to use to locate Utah's ski resorts?
thematic, ski resort map
Be able to read a road map
What type of map would be helpful for finding directions?
Road map
Why can most of Utah's population be found in the Great Basin Region and not the Colorado Plateau?
Most of Utah's water is there
What is an example of a primary source?
a photograph, journal, interview, etc.
Locate the Colorado River
no answer
Locate the Green River
no answer
Locate Utah Lake
no answer
Locate the Great Salt Lake
no answer
Locate the Wasatch Mountains
no answer
Locate the Uinta Mountains
no answer
What were Utah's pre-historic tribes?
Anasazi, Fremont
What Native American tribe made clothing out of sheep wool and lived in Southeast Utah?
What Native American tribe was largest, most powerful tribe in Utah?
What Native American tribe ate grasshoppers in the western deserts of Utah?
What two Native American tribes had similar lifestyles because they hunted buffalo, rode horses, and lived in teepees?
Utes and Shoshone
Which Native American tribe wore grass skirts, lived in wicki-ups, and hunted bunnies in southwest Utah?
Who were the first non-native people to come in contact with Native Americans in Utah?
Dominguez and Escalante
Why did mountain men come to Utah?
To make money with fur trade
What was the most important contribution of mountain men to Utah?
Paved the way for other groups to move to Utah
Why did Mormon pioneers come to Utah?
Religious freedom
What things were typical in Mormon settlements?
Streets in a grid pattern, church or temple in the central square of the city, wide streets, irrigation ditches
What day did the Mormon pioneers enter the Salt Lake Valley?
July 24, 1847
What Mormon practice made it difficult for Utah to become a state?
What business brought non-Mormon immigrants to Utah in the 1800s?
What were positive impacts of the railroad on Utah?
Connected Utah to the rest of the country, expanded mining, brought immigrants to Utah more easily
Why did Utah want to become a state?
So people in Utah could control their government
What was the longest and most destructive conflict between Native Americans and non-natives in Utah?
Blackhawk War
What was the main cause of the conflicts between natives and non-natives in Utah?
What does Utah's "Trail of Tears" refer to?
Starvation and death of Native Americans as they were moved to reservations
What was a positive effect of having Johnston's army move to Utah after the Utah War?
Improved Utah's economy
Who was killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre and by whom?
Immigrants heading to California by Mormons
What was the main reason UTAH didn't receive statehood for many years?
Mormons practiced polygamy
Plowing the streets after a snow storm is the job of what part of government?
City government
What does the legislative branch of government do?
Make laws
Who is the current governor of Utah?
Gary Herbert
What are some examples of being a responsible citizen in the community?
Paying taxes, serving on a jury, respecting public and private property
Why did people other than Mormons move to Utah?
To find jobs in the mining industries
What was the main reason strikes took place in the early 1900s in Utah?
Because of the harsh working conditions in mines in Utah?
What is a major reason that businesses are attracted to Utah?
Because we have many natural resources like land, minerals, and trees
What are some problems immigrants might face when they move to Utah from another country?
Cultural differences, language barriers, and isolation from general community
How did cultural groups preserve their identity when moving to Utah?
They started their own ethnic organizations, churches, and aid societies
How did Utahans help during World War 1?
They developed the first automatic machine gun
What were the "flappers" in the 1920s?
Rebellious, energetic, fun-loving and bold women of the 1920s
In the Great Depression, why did banks fail?
people got scared and pulled money out of banks, banks didn't have enough money in their vault to pay people what the bank owned them, and people didn't repay their loans
How was the Great Depression in Utah compared to other states?
It was one of the hardest hit states
What was a major factor that pushed people further into the Depression?
What ended the Great Depression?
Why was Utah a great place for military installations in WWII?
Had good highways, railroads, and airlines so troops and materials could be easily moved
How did Utah's national resources bring military businesses to Utah?
Utah used its natural minerals to produce steel plates, that were used to make ships
Why were Japanese people forced to move to internment camps like Topaz?
They thought they might be spies for our enemies
Why were Navajo people chosen to create codes during the war?
No one in Europe could speak Navajo, Navajo is a hard language to learn, and Many other codes were easily broken and Americans needed a secure code
What effect did atomic bomb testing have on the people of Utah?
It caused people to develop cancer
Why was the war in the 1950s called the "Cold War"?
No direct fighting took place and it was more of a war of words and ideas
Why was the United States involved in the wars in Korea and Vietnam?
To stop the spread of communism in those countries
What was the first National Park in Utah?
Which side of the mountain is greener or receives most water from rainshadow
What debate is in Federal Court today in Utah
To allow gay couples to marry
What effects Utah's moderate climate?
Distance from the equator, elevation, and distance from the ocean
What are Utah's Native Americans doing today?
Working to keep their cultures and traditions alive
The United States Constitution and The Utah Constitution have some original differences. What was different?
Women could vote
What is the role of local government?
To make decisions for people in counties, cities, and towns
What is the title of the local official elected to lead the city?
What responsibilities come with the right to vote?
learn about the candidates and issues
How has Utah's economy changed over time?
Most people used to work in farming/mining. Today most people in Utah don't farm/mine.
How did the pioneer's economic system change after forty-niners and soldiers came to Utah?
Pioneers produced (made) more products than they needed and could sell it to make a profit
What are some large industries in Utah today?
Public education, mining copper, and tourism
How has technology changed our economy?
before minerals were found most people were farmers, consumers can buy things online, you can buy things with credit cards
What are some of Utah's top exports?
Computers, wheat, coal products, copper, and salt
What would immigrants of the past and present come to Utah?
To find a better job and give their families a better life
What are some problems mountain men faced in Utah?
Harsh conditions and few roads, lack of supplies, misunderstanding with Native Americans
Where do most of Utah's immigrants come from today?
Latin America and Southeast Asia
How did immigrants affect Utah?
Brought many cultures and traditions
How has agriculture change in Utah over time?
More water available through irrigation, better machinery available, dry farming became possible
What is a holiday celebrated by Latin Americans in the U.S. and Utah?
Cinco de Mayo
Navajos were very useful in WWII because they
Provided a code for messages
What events in Utah demonstrate cultural legacies?
Strawberry Days in P.G., Onion Days in Payson, and Melon Days in Green River
In the winter, what is Utah known for?
What does Globalization mean?
Free trade, open borders, improved communication and transportation
Whats the difference between conservation vs. environmentalism?
Conservation is when you develop and manage resources and environmentalism is when you look at nature but you shouldn't touch or develop it.
If there was a bill to put a new road through a canyon in Utah, which group would most likely oppose it?
What are some ways you could be involved in the community?
Volunteer at a food bank, clean up a park or street in your neighborhood, tutor someone in something you're good at
Where is Box Elder county located
Top left county in Utah
How can we conserve nonrenewable resources?
Recycle/Reuse, turn off electric devices when we aren't using them, and conserve water
How do forests impact people?
Providing clean air, preventing mud slides, providing medicine
Why does Utah have more ski resorts than Nevada?
Utah has more mountains that bring rain and snowfall to the state
If a fire killed the trees on a mountain and the next year there were heavy rains, what would most likely happen?
How can wind improve the quality of life?
It can provide electricity
What is one way people have changed the land to get more water to plant crops in Utah?
Irrigation ditches
What things do dams provide for people?
Electricity, lakes for boating and fishing, power for heating and air conditioning
What things have increased tourism in Utah?
2002 Olympics, ski resorts, national parks