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test prep


loss of motor ability


loss of sensory ability


distortion of sensory ability; tingling and burning sensations

locomotor ataxia

loss of the ability to walk in a skilled manner, due to the destruction of the gracilis and cuneate tracts; a sensory problem


destroys motor ability; damage to the ventral horn in the spinal cord

bulbar polio

polio at a higher level in the CSN
(bulbar = medulla)

lateral sclerosis

a disease of the lateral corticospinal tract, destroying voluntary movement; a demyelinating disease

Lou Gehrig's Disease

a disease of the lateral corticospinal tract, destroying voluntary movement; a demyelinating disease

multiple sclerosis

a demyelinating disease involving several tracts (sensory and/or motor tracts)


a disease in the lateral horn of the spinal cord; inflamation of the dorsal root of the nerve; goes from the dorsal root into the lateral horn; characterized by tenderness of the skin and skin eruptions; caused by a virus

Parkinson's Disease

a disorder characterized by muscle tremors that occur when the person attempts to hold his or her hands and head still; it is due to a deficiency of dopamine in the basal ganglia

Alzheimer's Disease

a neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by profound personality changes and intellectual impairment, including memory loss (affects the frontal cortex and hippocampus)


an abnormal proliferation of glial cells and meninges cells


a blockage of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid


disturbance in the shape and tone of muscle

myasthenia gravis

progressive muscular weakness;lymphocytes attack receptors on muscle cells at the neuromuscular junction; thus, the nerve impulse is blocked

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