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  1. noun.
    Plants considered as a group in a particular area or era.
  2. adjective;
    refraining from self-indulgence.
  3. verb.
    To absorb or take in mentally.
  4. noun.
    An alloy of mercury and other metals.
  5. noun.
    One who prepares and sells ointments, drugs, or similar items for medical purposes.
  6. noun.
    A mixture of different elements.

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  1. beneficentadjective;
    Doing or producing good.


  2. doyennoun.
    An inhabitant, resident, or frequenter of a place.


  3. obviateverb.
    To prevent or make unnecessary; to get rid of.


  4. putativeadjective;
    Commonly accepted or supposed; assumed to exist.


  5. perennialnoun.
    A plant that lives three or more years.


  6. perennialnoun.
    A senior member of a group, especially one who is highly respected.