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Ch 12: Prophets of the Northern Kingdom

What is a prophet?
Chosen by God
Predicts the future BUT! not in the OT
Speaks on God's behalf
Where did "prophet" come from?
Hebrew word "Nabi"
What does nabi mean?
one who has been called to be a speaker
What are the two kinds of prophets?
writing and non-writing
What are their differences?
Prophecies of writing prophets were preserved in written form and compiled in self-titled books
What are their similarities?
They perform the same role
How many writing prophets are there?
What are the divisions of the writing and non-writing prophets?
Major and Minor
What are their differences?
Major prophets have more records about them in the Bible
Who are the Major prophets?
How many Minor prophets are there?
Where is Amos from?
Tekoa, Judah
When was he called by God?
Mid-seventh century BC
Where was he called to preach?
What was his work?
Dresser of sycamores
What is his title?
Prophet of Social Justice
When did he prophesy?
Second half of Jeroboam II's long reign
What societal problems were there?
Wide gap between rich and poor
Selling poor into slavery
Plunder (By women of Samaria)
Merchants cheated the poor with false measurments
Pagan religion (ie. festival in Bethel)
Where did Hosea prophesy?
Northern Kingdom, like amos
Where did he come from?
At what period of time did he prophesy?
Last part of Jeroboam II's political career- Jeroboam II's death
What's his signature analogy?
Marriage and Courtship- - - God loved the people of Israel like a husband would love his spouse
Who did he marry?
What was she?
Harlot (Prostitute)
How many children did they have?
What bad thing did Gomer do?
She left Hosea to come back to her past lovers
What did Hosea do?
He took back all his gifts to Gomer
How did people allow pagan culture into their religion?
In the temple of Bethel, they represented God as a bull, similar to that of the Canaanite Baal's calf
What is Hosea also called?
Prophet of Love
When did Isaiah receive God's call?
742 BC
What happened in 742 BC?
King Uzziah died
How was Isaiah called?
While attending a liturgical celebration in the temple, Isaiah saw a vision of God on a lofty throne, clothed majestically, and surrounded by seraphim
How many wings do seraphim have?
What was Isaiah's reaction?
He reflected on his imperfections
How was he symbolically cleansed from all his sin?
a seraphim took a coal from the altar and cleansed his lips
For how many years did Isaiah proclaim God's word?
He lived through whose reign?
Jotham, ahaz, and Hezekiah
When did he die?
Rule of King Manasseh
The book of Isaiah has how many chapters?
What are the highlights of Isaiah's preaching during Jotham's time?
Call to Conversion
Heeding God means a good life while refusal means disaster.
Immanuel Prophecy
Tiglath Pilaser III of Assyria wanted what places as vessels of his empire?
Damascus (Syria), Samaria (Israel), Jerusalem (Judah)
Who created the Anti-Assyrian alliance?
Kings of Syria and Israel
What did the anti-assyrian alliance declare war on Judah?
So Ahaz will be forced to side with them
What unwanted sign did Isaiah give to Ahaz?
Immanuel Prophecy
What does immanuel mean?
God with us