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lymphatic system

lymph,lymph vessels, lymph nodes,and lymphatic tissue
What makes up the lymphatic system?
circulatory system
What system does the lymphatic system work in conjunction with?
remove waste and excess fluids from the tissues
what do the lymphatic and circulatory systems do ?
A thin watery fluid composed of intercellular, or intersitial fluid
when plasma diffuses into tissue spaces
when is lymph formed?
water, digested nutrients, salts,hormones, oxygen carbon dioxide, lymphocytes and metabolic wastes such as urea
what is lymph composed of?
when fluid enters the lymphatic system it is known as what?
lymphatic vessels
What is located throughout the body in almost all of the tissues that have blood vessels?
lymphatic capillaries
What are small, open-ended lymph vessels that act like drain pipe?
lymphatic capillaries pick up lymph tissues throughout the body
do capillaries then join together to form larger lymphatic vessels which pass through lymph nodes
contractions of skeletal muscles against lymph vessels
what causes lymph to flow through vessels?
what do lymphatic vessels have to keep lymph flowing in only one direction?
specialized lymphatic capilllaries found in the area of the small intestine
digested fats or lipids
what do lacteals pickup?
lymph mixed with lipids is called what?
thoracic duct
lacteals transport the chyle to the bloodstream through what?
lymph nodes
what popularly called glands are located all over the body usually in groups or clusters?
lymph nodes
small round or oval masses ranging in size from a pinhead to an almond
carbon, cancer cells pathogens and dead blood cells
lymph nodes filter the lymph and remove what impurities?
lymphocytes (a type of leukocyte or white blood cell) and antibodies
what does the lymphatic tissue in the nodes produce?
does purified lymph, with lymphocytes and antibodies added leave the lymph node by a single vessel?
Right lymphatic duct and thoracic duct
what is the name of the 2 lymphatic ducts that the larger lymph vessels drain into?
right side of head and neck, the right chest and the right arm
right lymphatic duct ia a short tube that recieves all purified lymph from where?
right subclavian vein
the right lympatic duct empties purified lymph into the blood where?
thoracic duct
larger tube that drains lymph from the rest of the body
left subclavian vein
where does the thoracic duct empty into
cisterna chyli
What is a large pouch like structure located at the start of the thoracic duct
the cisterna chyli serves as a storage area for purified lymph before lymph returns to the bloodstream
tonsils spleen and thymus
3 types of lymphatic tissue found in the body
tonsils are masses of lymphatic tissue that filter interstitial fluid
palatine ,pharyngeal ,llingual
name the 3 types of tonsils
palatine tonsil
located on each side of the soft palate
pharyngeal (also called adenoids) tonsil
located in the nasopharynx (the upper part of the throat
lingual tonsil
located on the back of the tongue
cisterna chyli also recieves chyle from the intestinal lacteals
beneath the left side of diaphragm and in back of the upper part of the stomach
Where is the spleen located
produces leukocytes and antibodies, destroys old blood cells stores erthycoytes to release into bloodstream if excessive bleeding occurs destroys thrombocytes and filters metabolites and wasres from the body
what does the spleen do
mass of lymph tissue located in the center of the upper chest
is the thymus replaced by fat and connective tissue after puberty
produces antibodies and manufacture lymphocytes
What does the thymus do in early life?
lymph nodes
what takes over for the thymus?
inflamation or infection of the lymph nodes(occurs when large quanties of pathogens or cancer cells enter the lymph nodes and infect the tissue
antibiotics warm moist compresses or an incise to drain the node
What is the treatment for adenitis?
hodgkin's diseae
chronic malignant disease of the lymph nodes ( symptoms swelling of lymph nodes fever night sweats weight loss fatigue and pruritus (itching)
Chemotherapy and radiation
Treatments for hodgkin's disease
hodgkin's disease is usually curable
inflamation of lymphatic vessels usually resulting from an infection in an extremity
red streak extending up arm or leg from source of infection fever chills pain
symptoms of lymphangitis (treatment antibiotics rest elevation of infected part warm compressess
enlargement of the spleen results from an abnormal accumulation of red blood cells mononucleosis and cirrhosis of the liver
splenomegaly can lead to death if the spleen would rupture
symptoms of splenomegaly are swelling abdominal pain destruction of red blood cells can lead to anemia
spleen can be surgically removed
inflamation infection of the tonsils usually involves the pharyngeal (adenoid) and palatine tonsils
treatment for tonsilitis antibiotics throat irrigations rest and pain medicine chronic or enlargement may indicate need for surglcal removal