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qi fu yin zi

formula for dementia from deficiency and emptiness of marrow: no vitality?

huan shao dan

formula for dementia of spleen and kd xu: can see symptoms?

di tan tang, xi xin tang

what are the two formulas to treat dementia from phlegm-dampness accumulation blocking the orifices?

tong qiao huo xue tang

formula for dementia from blood stasis?

qi fu yin zi

dementia; memory loss, elderly, loose teeth, vertigo, weakness of back/knees, difficult walking thin pale tongue

huan shao dan

dementia: memory loss, no desire to speak, loss of judgement; poor appetite, loose stools, weakness; pale,swollen tongue with thin white and mirrored coat, thin, weak, and deep pulse?

di tan tang, xi xin tang

dementia with memory loss, elderly, inappropriate laughing or weeping, irritable, no appetite, abdominal distension foamy salivation, heavy sensation, swollen tongue with moist coat; slippery pulse?

tong qiao huo xue tang

dementia with memory loss, elderly, abrupt onset, difficulty finding right words, frustration; purple-red tongue or purple spots, swollen under-vein, thin and choppy pulse?

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