25 terms

SAT Reading Vocab 8

anteroom (n)
a smaller room that serves as an entry into a larger room
bauble (n)
a worthless but attractive adornment
bureaucracy (n)
government through administrative organizations or departments
condolence (n)
sympathy for or acknowledgment of another's pain or grief
conflagration (n)
an extensive fire
denude (v)
to remove covering
dissuade (v)
to convince a person to abandon an action or belief
exacerbate (v)
to make worse; to aggravate a problem or condition
ghastly (adj)
having a horrible appearance
impetus (n)
a factor that causes action
jaundice (n)
a yellow discoloration of the skin and tissues caused by a medical condition, such as hepatitis
lenient (adj)
tending to give a lesser punishment or penalty
myth (n)
a fictional story told as true in a particular culture, often containing a moral or explaining natural phenomena through supernatural tales; hi
navigate (v)
to control the course and direction of a vessel or vehicle; to find a route, as with a map
omnivorous (adj)
eating food from both animals and plants
pandemic (adj)
widespread and pervasive; affecting everyone
perspective (n)
a particular mental outlook or point of view
premonition (n)
a prophetic feeling; an impression that an event, often a bad event, will happen in the future
ravine (n)
a deep, long depression in the earth, as a canyon or gorge
reticent (adj)
unwilling to speak; tending to be silent; im watching u
shiftless (adj)
lacking willingness or energy to accomplish anything
tacit (adj)
not stated outright but understood
trepidation (n)
a feeling of anxiety or uncertainty
veneer (n)
a superficial, often deceptive, outer layer
zealot (n)
a person who is fanatical or holds extreme and passionate views on a particular topic, especially a religion