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Fetal Alcohol syndrome

What are the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders?
Considered a spectrum of disorders that includes fetal alcohol syndrome, partial fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol-related neuro-developmental disorder, and alcohol-related birth defects.
Early dianosis may prevent 2ary disabilities but what is the main priority of fetal alcohol syndromes?
Prevention is a priority, as brain injury sustained in utero is permanent and is associated with severe physical, behavioral, learning, and mental health problems
risk factors for fetal alcohol syndrome?
gestation <37 weeks
height, weight, head circumference <10th percentile
characteristic facial dysmorphology
presence of birth defects
developmental delay and behavioral problems
mental health problems
sibling with similar symptoms
facial dysmorphism is apart of FAS, what are some of the characteristics?
Short palpebral fissure (<10th percentile for age)
Thin upper lip or vermillion border
Smooth philtrum
The face should be examined for the following features:
flat midface
large ears with "railroad-track" ear abnormality,
epicanthic folds
hypertelorism (wide-spaced eyes),
ptosis (droopiness of the eyelids),
micrognathia (undersized jaw),
Cleft lip and/or palate.
Other abnormalities of FAS include?
Result prenatal ultrasonography of fetus
intrauterine growth retardation, poor head growth, and/or specific birth defects in the fetus ECG Ordered when a cardiac lesion is suspected.
ASD,VSD, tetralogy of Fallot,
abnormalities of heart rate and rhythm, axis, and duration
cardiac structural abnormalities
seizure disorder is suspected.
abnormal MRI/CT head
abnormal CNS structures renal ultrasonography
renal anomalies skeletal x-ray
Management of FAS includes?
identifying and working with a child's specific strengths and weaknesses