Economic Landscape of North America


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An alliance formed by countries with similar political or economic goals.
Free Trade Agreement
Unimpeded exchange and flow of goods and service between trading partners regardless of national borders.
Bovine spongiform encephalopahty
Halted import of Canadian beef to the U.S.
A government tax on imports and exports.
United States and Canada
Which two countries in North America have established the largest trading partnership?
Eliminate many trading and investment barriers while improving the economies of Canada, United States, and Mexico.
Which statement best outlines a purpose of NAFTA?
Mexican businesses have been relocated to the United States where the labor costs are lower.
Which statement below is not an economic impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement?
the contamination of Canadian beef exports due to reports of mad cow disease.
Trading between the United States and Canada has been problematic at times due to concern over