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  1. Errors of Conditional Reasoning
  2. False Analogy
  3. Uncertian Use of a Term or Concept
  4. Exceptional Case/Overgeneralization
  5. Numbers and Percentage Errors
  6. Circular Reasoning

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  1. When author attributes a characteristic of the whole (or each member of the whole) to part of the group.Division


  2. Errors involve judgments made about groups and parts of a group.Numbers and Percentage Errors


  3. When author attributes a characteristic of part of the group to the group as a whole or to each member of the group.Composition


  4. 1)Biased sample. 2)Improperly constructed questions. 3) Respondents to the survey give innaccurate responses.Exceptional Case/Overgeneralization


  5. Assumes that there are only two courses of action available when in reality there may be others.False Analogy


  6. 1) Appeal to authority. 2) Appeal to popular opinion/numbers. 3)Appeal to emotion.Errors of Composition and Division