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  1. Straw Man
  2. Errors of Composition and Division
  3. Internal Contradiction
  4. Exceptional Case/Overgeneralization
  5. Numbers and Percentage Errors
  6. False Analogy

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  1. When author attributes a characteristic of the whole (or each member of the whole) to part of the group.Composition


  2. This occurs when the author uses a term in two different ways in the same argument. More or less the author uses one word in two different ways in which the meaning changes. Aka: EquivocateUncertian Use of a Term or Concept


  3. Either failing to provide information to support the conclusion or providing irrelivant information to support conclusion.General Lack of Relevant Evidence for the Conclusion


  4. When author attributes a characteristic of part of the group to the group as a whole or to each member of the group.Composition


  5. This flaw assumes that conditions will remain constant over time, and that what is the case in the past will be the case in the future.Time Shift Errors


  6. The flaw would either be a Mistaken Reversal, or Mistaken Negation. Confusing a Nessesary condition with a Sufficiant condition or vice versa.Errors of Conditional Reasoning