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  1. Time Shift Errors
  2. False Dilemma
  3. Errors of Composition and Division
  4. Division
  5. Appeal Fallacies
  6. Exceptional Case/Overgeneralization

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  1. 1)Biased sample. 2)Improperly constructed questions. 3) Respondents to the survey give innaccurate responses.Appeal Fallacies


  2. When author attributes a characteristic of part of the group to the group as a whole or to each member of the group.Division


  3. Occurs when the author uses an analogy that is too dissimilar to the original situation to be applicable.Uncertian Use of a Term or Concept


  4. This occurs when the author uses a term in two different ways in the same argument. More or less the author uses one word in two different ways in which the meaning changes. Aka: EquivocateUncertian Use of a Term or Concept


  5. When author makes conflicting statements. Ex: "Everyone should join our country club. After all it's an exclusive group that links many influential members of the community"Internal Contradiction


  6. The flaw would either be a Mistaken Reversal, or Mistaken Negation. Confusing a Nessesary condition with a Sufficiant condition or vice versa.Time Shift Errors


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