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  1. Survey Errors
  2. Errors of Composition and Division
  3. Division
  4. Appeal Fallacies
  5. Time Shift Errors
  6. Errors in the use of Evidence

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  1. Assumes that there are only two courses of action available when in reality there may be others.False Dilemma


  2. When the author assumes as true what is supposed to be proved. The premis and conclusion will be identical in meaning. Ex: "This essay is the best because it is better then all the others"Circular Reasoning


  3. This flaw takes a small number of instances and treats those instances as if they support a broad, sweeping conclusion.Ex: "Two of my friends were shortchanged at that store. Therefore, everyone gets short changed at that store."Time Shift Errors


  4. Either failing to provide information to support the conclusion or providing irrelivant information to support conclusion.Circular Reasoning


  5. Occurs when the author uses an analogy that is too dissimilar to the original situation to be applicable.Uncertian Use of a Term or Concept


  6. When author attributes a characteristic of part of the group to the group as a whole or to each member of the group.Division