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Chapter 31- American Life in the Roaring 20's

During Red Scare some states made it illegal to..

advocate the violent overthrow of government

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti

1920- 2 Italian immigrants believed to be anarchists were accused of murder in MA - found guilty, though evidence against them was disputable - executed in 1927- though many believed they were convicted just b/c of pol. Beliefs

Who rallied around Sacco and Bartolomeo? Did it help?

liberals and radicals, no they were still executed

The KKK was anti

foreign, Catholic, black, Jewish, pacifist, Communist, internationalist, revolutionist, bootlegger, gambling, adultery and birth control

The KK was pro...


At the KKK's peak how many members did it have?

5 million

How was the KKK stopped?

NOT by exposure of their horrible racism. but by their money problems

Emergency Quota Act of 1921

1921 legislation that limited immigration to 3% of the people of their nationality living in the US in 1910

Who did the policy favor

the Slavs and southeastern Europeans

Immigration Act of 1924

Also known as the Johnson-Reed Act. Federal law limiting the number of immigrants that could be admitted from any country to 2% of the amount of people from that country who were already living in the U.S. as of the census of 1890.

What was the racial undertones of the act?

New Immigrants out, Old Immigrants in

These acts slammed door on who?

Japanese immigrants

By 1931 for the first time...

more people left America than people came

Labor unions had difficulty organizing because?

differences in race, culture, and nationality

18th Amendment/ Volstead Act

not effective because nobody enforced it

Were was Prohibition popular?

Midwest and South, women and the Women's Christian Temperance Union most people thought it was here to stay

During Prohibition....

bank savings increased and absenteessm in industry did go down

Prohibition led to rise of...

gangs that competed to distribute liquor

"Scarface" Al Capone was finally arrested for

tax evasion, not the Valentine's Day Massacre

What other activities did gangs move into?

prostitution (Bros b4 ho's) gambling, narcotics

by 1930 the annual gangster profit was

12 to 18 billion

Lindbergh Law

allowed death penalty in certain cases of interstate abduction

John Dewey

He was a philosopher who believed in "learning by doing" which formed the foundation of progressive education. He believed that the teachers' goal should be "education for life and that the workbench is just as important as the blackboard."
schools no longer prisons

States were encouraging teens to stay in school by?

placing minimum ages to leave school

what did the Rockefeller Foundation do?

launched huge health care program that eliminated hookworm in South

An example of Evolutionists clashing with creationists is...

the Scopes "Monkey Trial"

Scopes "Monkey Trial"

a high school biology teacher was accused of teaching Darwinism in class instead of the biblical account of creation; the trial that pitted the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution against teaching Bible creationism
William Jennings Bryan made to sound stupid by Clarence Darrow
trial inconclusive but illustrated rift between new and old

the Churches of Christ show...

increasing number of CHristians reconciling differences between religion and science

What helped prosperity in the 1920s?

tax policies of Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellons which favored expansion of capital envestment

Henry Ford produced a car every...

10 seconds

Advertising now used..?

persuasion, ploy, seduction and sex appeal

Bruce Barton's THe Man Nobody Knows....

claimed the Jesus was the perfect salesman and all advertisers should follow his technique

Installment plan and credit became

the new way to buy things- dangerous because they could plunge people into debt

America adapted...

the gasoline engine

Orville and Wilbur Wright flew first plane for

12 seconds over 120 feet in Kitty Hawk N.C.

Aviation took off when it was used for

mail and other things than just war

Guglielmo Marconi

Italian electrical engineer known as the father of radio (1874-1937)

KDKA did what for the first time ever?

first voice carrying radio station, told of presidential candidate Warren G. Harding's victory

the car lured people away from home and the radio lured people

back home,

What was the real birth of the movie?

THe Great Train Robbery

Who "invented" the movie?

THomas Edison

first full length movie was? what did it glorify?

D. W. Griffith's THe birth of a nation. glorified the KKK in reconstruction era

first talkie movie w/ sound was..

The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson

what boosted popularity of movies?

WWI propaganda movies

new mediums of communication led to loss of...?

old family and oral traditions

for the first time ever more Americans lived in urban areas than

rual areas

Margaret Sanger

United States nurse who campaigned for birth control and planned parenthood

Fudamentalists lost ground to who? why?

new Modernists who thought that God was a "good guy" and universe was a nice place as opposed to traditional view that man was born a sinner and needed forgiveness through Christ

"flaming youth" were called

flappers, risque dancing like the Charleston

Sigmund Freud thought sexual repression was responsible for

society's ills and that pleasure and health demnded sexual gratification and liberation

W. C. Handy and "Jelly Rolly" Morton and Joseph King Oliver

Jazz artists

Langston Hughes, the Harlem Renaissan,ce the Weary BLues, Marcus Gravey all did what?

hightened Black pride

H. L. Mencken

"Bad Boy of Baltimore" found fault in America

F. Scott Fitzgerald

a novelist and chronicler of the jazz age. his wife, zelda and he were the "couple" of the decade but hit bottom during the depression. his noval THE GREAT GATSBY is considered a masterpiece about a gangster's pursuit of an unattainable rich girl.

Theorore Dreiser

An American Tradgedy about murder of prego working girl by socially concious lover

Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms became voice for lost generartion aka the young folks who had been ruined by the disillusionment of WWI

Sherwood Anderson

Winesburg Ohio- American small town life

William Faulkner

Solderi's PLay and the Sound of the Fury and As I Lay Dying all stunning use of choppy stream of conciousness teqnique

The Empire State Building

champion skyescaper

Frank Lloyd Wright,

used concrete, glass and steel "form follows function"

1920s had overspeculation in the market, especially in...

Florida home properties

system was built on...?

fragile credit

Secretary of Treasury Mellon reduced..?

the amount of taxes that rich people had to pay, thus thrusting the burden onto the middle class

Mellon reduced...?

the national debt but has been accused of encouraging the Bull Market

the prosperities of the 1920s was setting up...

the crash that would lead to poverty in the 1930s

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