Slave of Democracy Book 1: Oath - Prolouge

This was previously posted under "Prologue to my new story"
Prologue ~
Millions of feet hammered into the wood in unison, generating miniature sonic booms that sounded every few seconds. The sun glinted on hundreds of thousands of spears, reflecting enough light and heat to evaporate the Nile. Enough ships to make a score of fleets were lashed together, forming the largest bridge the world had yet seen. Horses scuffed the ground with their hooves, creating more dust than is carried in a hundred tornadoes.
I marched on, confident in the strength of the men beside me. This time, things would be different. There was no chance of failure, success was assured. No one can stand up to the might of Darius the Mede. We would sweep through like a thousand hurricanes, leaving nothing but destruction and wreckage in our wake. This I knew.