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Trivia Tidbits

What is brass made of?
Copper and Zinc
What mountain range marks the boarder of France and Spain?
The Pyrenees
Who was called "The Hero of San Juan Hill"?
Teddy Roosevelt
What mythological Greek figure gave fire to man?
What's the hardest substance in the human body?
What country suffers from the most earthquakes?
What number did Hitler believe possessed supernatural power?
What two US public officials aren't allowed to travel together?
The President and VP
Who was the star of WJM-TV's The Happy Homemaker?
Sue Ann Nivens
How many points does it take to win a Cribbage game?
Who commanded the French forces at the Battle of Orleans?
Joan of Arc
What US state contains the geographical center of North America?
North Dakota
Who stopped Bjorn Borg's string of Wimbledon singles titles at five?
John McEnroe
What was Elvis Presley's first movie in 1956?
Love Me Tender
Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald?
Jack Ruby
What is the longest bone in the human body?
What city has the world's longest subway system?
What US state records the least rainfall?
Who was Don Quixote's sidekick?
Sancho Panza
What does A.F. stand for after the date in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World?
After Ford
What insect transmits yellow fever?
What Italian landmark has 296 steps?
Leaning Tower of Piza
What is headquartered on New York's East River between 42nd and 48th streets?
The United Nations
What did Otto Titzling invent?
The brassiere
Whose sons founded the 12 Hebrew tribes?
From what mountain did Moses see all of the promised land?
Mount Nebo
What is the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?
Lewis Carroll
What happened to the Archbishop of Krakow in 1978?
He became Pope John Paul II
Who was the first US President to appear on Meet the Press?
Gerald Ford
What's the largest train station in the world?
Grand Central Station
What's the warmest continent?
What's the world's largest sea?
The Mediterranean
Where were the first Winter Olympics held?
Chamonix, France
What does DNA stand for?
Deoxyribonucleic acid
What is Chevy Chase's real first name?
Who proposed the quantum theory of energy in 1900?
Max Plank
What is the largest island in the world?
Who invented the transistor in 1948?
Bell Labs
What organization was the forerunner of the National PTA?
The National Congress of Mothers
Who invented the incandescent light?
Thomas Edison
TV's I Love Lucy began as what radio show?
My Favorite Husband
How old was Dolly Parton when her first record Puppy Love was released?
13 years old
Who was the first US athlete to win the same event in 3 consecutive Olympics?
Bonnie Blair
What baseball team became known as the Black Sox?
The 1919 White Sox team
In The Muppet Movie, who was originally to perform Miss Piggy's song Never Before Never Again?
Johnny Mathis
What civil rights organization did Martin Luther King found in 1957?
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Do north-south routes in the US Interstate Highway system have odd or even numbers?
Odd numbers
What college did Helen Keller graduate from in 1904?
Radcliffe College
Who won the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics?
Albert Einstein
The National Woman Suffrage Association was reorganized into what group?
The League of Women Voters
What are the world's four main oceans?
Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic Oceans
Who ordered the construction of the first king-sized bed?
King Henry VIII
What flooring of linseed oil, fillers, and cork shavings did Frederick Walton invent?
What does carpe diem mean?
Seize the day
How long is the solar year?
365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes
When was the first Atlantic cable laid?
Which was the first American rock group to tour the USSR?
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Which basketball player scored 100 points in a game against the NY Knicks?
Wilt Chamberlain
When was the Hubble Space Telescope launched?
In which state was the Red Delicious apple developed?
In what war was air combat first used?
World War I
What company was Mobil Corp's predecessor?
Magnolia Petroleum Corp
Which king built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in 540 BC?
Nebuchadnezzar II
Which golfer was the Masters' first black champion?
Tiger Woods in 1997
Who holds the record for winning the most Academy Awards
Walt Disney with 32 Oscars
What baseball player broke Babe Ruth's single-season home-run record?
Roger Maris
What landscape tool did Edwin Beard Budding invent in 1830?
The lawnmower
Where does cashmere come from?
Small white goats
Which football player was known as the galloping ghost?
Reg Grange
The American Rose Society labels as old rose any kind started before what year?
What was the name of the first space shuttle?
Without the Panama Canal, around the tip of South America, what is the mileage sailing from San Francisco to NYC?
13,000 miles
What was the first mass-produced home computer?
MITS Altair 8800
What does Auld Lang Syne mean?
old long since
When was the US Weather Bureau establish?
When did Great Britain formally recognize American independence?
Who was the first black governor in American history?
P.B.S. Pinchback of Louisiana
Which American made the winning goal in 1980 Olympic hockey against the USSR?
Mike Eruzione
Where is the tallest lighthouse in the US?
Cape Hatteras, NC
What is Whoopi Goldberg's given name?
Caryn Johnson
Forest cover about 90 percent of what state?
What is the most visited National Park in the US?
Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Who wrote the book Up From Slavery?
Booker T. Washington
What was the profession of Wilbur and Orville Wright's father?
Milton Wright was a United Brethren Church bishop
The Comanche code talkers of WWII used what phrase to refer to Hitler?
Posah-tai-vo or crazy white man
In 1949, Indonesia was granted sovereignty from what country?
The Netherlands
How long is the Appalachian Trail?
2,160 miles
How many years did Rip Van Winkle sleep?
Who founded Microsoft Corp in 1975?
Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Who was the first Olympic gymnast to receive a perfect score of 10?
Nadia Comaneci of Romania
What was Rocky Marciano's boxing record when he retired?
In area, what is the world's second largest nation?
Who patented the first vacuum cleaner?
H. Cecil Booth in 1901
Which years are leap years?
Every year divisible by 4 but not by 100
Which President signed the act establishing Yellowstone National Park?
Ulysses S. Grant
How old was Judy Garland when she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?
What do the initials E.B. stand for in the name of author E.B. White?
Elwyn Brooks
Who invented the disposable razor blade in 1895?
King Gillette
On what date did the Titanic sink?
April 15, 1912
Who threw the first pitch in the first World Series?
Cy Young
Which European discovered and annexed Virginia?
Sir Walter Raleigh in 15844
Who founded the Yellow Cab Company?
John Hertz
Who succeeded William IV to the English throne in 1837?
Queen Victoria
Which state was admitted as the 45th state in 1896?
Who became the first tennis player to win the Grand Slam in 1938?
Don Budge the California Comet
What are the five most widely spoken languages?
Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish, Arabic, and Bengali
Which hockey player was known as Mr. Hockey?
Gordie Howe
In what year did Enrico Caruso make his first gramophone recordings?
What does Keanu Reeve's first name mean in Hawaiian?
Cool breeze over the mountains
Where is the hottest place on earth?
Dallol, Ethiopia averaging 92F in the shade
Who wrote War and Peace?
Leo Tolstoy
What stadium is the first domed stadium and the first to use artificial turf?
Houston Astrodome
Which state held presidential elections 2 months before the other states until 1958?
In what year was France declared a Republic?
Who discovered nuclear fission in 1938?
Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann
Who perfected the steam engine in 1775?
James Watt
What was Elvis's first single for RCA?
Heartbreak Hotel
How long did the Wright brothers' famous December 17, 1903 flight last?
12 seconds
What is a carcajou?
A wolverine
Which city was the fastest growing city in the US during the 20th century?
Houston, Texas
What was the first public park in America?
Central Park
How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison before his release in 1990?
27 years
When was plastic invented?
What year was the Union Pacific Railway completed in the US?
Which American colony was the first to issue paper money?
Massachusetts in 1690
What is lanolin?
Grease from sheep wool
Who is Sam Spade's trusty secretary in Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon?
Effie Perrine
What was Constantinople renamed?
Which landscape architect designed Central Park in 1857?
Frederick Law Olmsted
Who was the first prima ballerina to dance on her toes?
Marie Taglioni
How many nations signed the agreement to form the World Bank in 1945?
28 nations
What is the deepest point on earth?
The Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench
What nickname does Austin Powers give his car?
The Shaguar
Who became leader of the American forces of WWI in the year 1917?
General John Pershing
In what year did Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever premiere?
Who discovered penicillin in 1928?
Alexander Fleming
When was the electric garage door opener first used?
Who wrote the words and music to This Land is Your Land?
Woody Guthrie
Who was the 2nd man to walk on the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
Where did America's first 911 emergency phone system begin?
Haleyville, Alabama in 1968
Which Constitutional Amendment guarantees women the right to vote?
The 19th Amendment
In what year did Fidel Castro become premier of Cuba?
Bobby Fischer became an International Grandmaster in chess at what age?
When did female attorneys get the right to argue cases before the Supreme Court?
At which universities did Bear Bryant coach football?
Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M, and Alabama
Who played Daisy Duke in the TV series The Dukes of Hazard?
Catherine Bach
Who wrote The Canterbury Tales?
Geoffrey Chaucer
What was the world's first computer?
Which Dutchman invented the telescope in 1608?
Johann Lippershey
Who developed the polio vaccine?
Jonas Salk
Which tournaments constitute tennis's Grand Slam?
Wimbledon, Australian, French, and US Open
What is the kingdom of Siam now known as?
Which is the shallowest of the world's four great oceans?
The Arctic Ocean
Who was the only boxer to beat Sugar Ray Robinson between 1939 and 1951?
Jake LaMotta
Who developed the modern zip fastener in 1913?
Gideon Sundback
What was the first black newspaper published in the US?
Freedom's Journal
What is the current name of the business originally called the Mesaba Transportation Company?
Greyhound Bus Lines
Where is the rainiest spot on earth?
Mt Waialeale, Hawaii
What are the eight Ivy League schools?
Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Dartmouth
How fast can a cheetah run?
70 mph
Which is the Treasure State?
What explorer found natives sleeping in hamacas in the West Indies?
Christopher Columbus
Who was the first man in space?
Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union
What is the second coldest city in the US?
Minneapolis averaging 45F
Which jockey rode Citation to the Triple Crown in 1948?
Eddie Arcaro
What is the most recorded song in music history?
The Beatles' Yesterday
Who developed the first ready-mixed paint in 1870?
Henry Alden Sherwin and Edward Williams
Who invented the telegraph?
Samuel Morse
Where are the Farallon Islands located?
30 miles west of San Francisco
Who was Poland's first popularly elected president?
Lech Walesa
Who was the first defenseman to lead the NHL in scoring?
Bobby Orr
Which singer had the nickname Velvet Fog?
Mel Torme
What year did the Beatles debut on The Ed Sullivan Show?
Where is Black Canyon National Park located?
Who was originally cast for the role of Roz on TV's Frasier?
Lisa Kudrow
The Queen Mary was built in 1935 for what ship line?
Cunard-White Star Line
Which 7-time winner of the Tour de France came out of retirement to place third in the race in 2009?
Lance Armstrong
What is the soccer player Pele's birth name?
Edson Arantes do Nascimento
When did Congress officially recognize the Pledge of Allegiance?
What was the first national art gallery in Europe?
The Louvre
Who was the first test-tube baby?
Louise Brown born in 1978
What year did Babe Ruth hit his final home run and retire from baseball?
What baseball field was used for the first night game?
Crosley Field in Cincinnati
What was the first recorded blues vocal?
Crazy Blues by Mamie Smith in 1920
Which airline had the first scheduled transcontinental flight of a Boeing 707?
American Airlines in 1959
Who wrote the words and music to White Christmas?
Irving Berlin
Which pole vaulter made the world's first 6-meter jump?
Sergey Bubka of the USSR in 1985
Which football team won the first Super Bowl?
Green Bay Packers
Who played Radar O'Reilly on the TV series MAS*H?
Gary Burghoff
Who incorporated Standard Oil in 1870?
John D. Rockefeller
How many covers of TV Guide did Lucille Ball appear on?
Do trees add a wide or a thin layer of wood to their trunks in dry years?
A thin layer
When did British Airways and Air France begin the first Concorde flights?
What president's face is on the $100,000 bill?
Woodrow Wilson
When was Napoleon crowned emperor of France?
Which country has the world's largest known gold deposit?
South Africa
What is the world's heaviest parrot?
The 8 lb kakapo
How far will you travel on foot in an average lifetime?
115,000 miles
When did the Supreme Court recognize the right to remain silent?
1966 in the Miranda ruling
What year were the first home video machines marketed?
Hat is the name of the Hindu elephant god?
Which continent produces the most cocoa beans?
Before 1972, Sri Lanka was known by what name?
What do the Dove Awards celebrate?
Gospel music
How many warm-up pitches is a relief pitcher allowed when he enters a game?
Who was the first woman to command a US space crew?
Eileen Collins
What issue did the Supreme Court address in Engel v Vitale?
School prayer
What is former First Lady Barbara Bush's hometown?
Rye, NY
What is the point in the moon's orbit at which it is the farthest from earth?
What do dendrochronologists study?
The annual growth rings of trees
Who played the Lone Ranger in the 1950s television series?
Clayton Moore
How many clubs car a tournament golfer carry in his bag?
What does the term tacking refer to in yachting?
Turning the bow at right angles through the wind
What was wrestler George Raymond Wagner's nickname?
Gorgeous George
What ingredients do many sunscreens and candy bars have in common?
What is the official name of Greece?
Hellenic Republic
What is the capital of Malta?
What is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle?
Murmansk, Russia
Who spent 17 years as a US representative after leaving the Presidency?
John Quincy Adams
Which satellite was the first to be successfully launched into orbit by the US?
Explorer I in 1958
What was the first song performed in outer space?
Happy Birthday
According to Billboard magazine, what was the No. 1 song of 2009?
Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas
Who became chairman of Chrysler in 1979?
Lee Iacocca
What is the mascot of Virgina Tech?