Beginner Extra Credit Class Lesson 5-芳芳 Bacon

21 terms by VictoriaBacon12

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bāo zi steamed stuffed bun

bǎo to eat till full / satisfied


bù gòu not enough / insufficient / inadequate

cài dish (type of food) / vegetables

chī - to eat


chīfàn • to eat (a meal)

fàn - meal, cooked rice

gòu - enough

guǒ • fruit


guǒzhī - juice


hǎo chī tasty / delicious

hē - to drink

miàn • noodles


miànbāo • bread

niú - cow


niúnǎi - milk


sānmíngzhì - sandwich


wǎnfàn - dinner


zǎofàn - breakfast

zhī - juice

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