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step length

the term used to describe the distance between heel strike of one limb and heel strike of the other is

gait cycle

the term used to describe the activity that occurs between the time of heel strike of one extremity and the heel strike of that same extremity is?


the term used to describe walking speed is?

terminal stance

if you are describing a gait abnormality that occurs when the heel leaves the ground but the ball of the foot and toe remain in contact with the ground, you are speaking of which portion of the stance phase?


if you note a problem with gait that occurs when the non-weight-bearing limb is directly under the body, you are speaking of which part of the swing phase?

ankle dorsiflexors

during the loading response of the stance phase, which muscle group contracts eccentrically to keep the foot from slapping the ground as the extremity accepts the body weight?


the period of the stance pahse when the body is directly over the weight-bearing limb and the vertical displacement of the pelvis is at its highest point is?

3 inches

a normal width of walking base measured from the midpoint of each heel is

provides a counterrotation effect to the trunk

which of the following statements best describe the purpose of arm swing in gait?

knee flexors

which muscle group slows down the knee motion in terminal swing and prevents the knee from "snapping" into extension just prior to inital contact?


a difficulty or slowness in initiating gait is a characteristic of which of the following conditions?


when pain is present in leg, which phase of the gait cycle is shortened?

steppage gait

having paralysis of the ankle dorsiflexors would cause which type of gait?

ataxic gait

a gait pattern characterized by a wide base of support and unsteady movements is called

weight shift to the uninvolved side with circumduction of the involved leg

you will be working with a patient who has had a stroke. you expect which of the following descriptions to best characterize the typical gait pattern that you will see?

sore foot limp

weakness of the gastrocnemius muscle group can cause a gait best described as

1/4 inch or less

you measure a person's leg lengths and note that there is a difference of 3/4 inch. you inform your patient that this is an atypical finding. what would be a typical range for a leg length discrepancy?

decrease the step length and increase the width of walking base

a verbal cue that you could give a patient with poor balance to improve their gait safety is

hip adductors

your patient has a tendency to cross the unsupported limb in front of the other during swing phase. this could indicate spasticity of which of the following muscle groups?

circumduct the left hip

your patient has a long leg cast on the left leg but is allowed to bear weight while ambulating. during the swing phase, what will you likely see that person do to move the limb forward?

increased time in stance phase, shorter step length, decreased vertical displacement, all of the above are true regarding gait changes with age

which of the following is true regarding the changes in gait that occur with an elderly person?

initial contact

vertical displacement of the center of gravity is at its lowest at which point in the gait cycle?

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