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  1. colony, native ruler still has title but officials from foreign country has power
  2. granted independence for Romainia, Serbia and Montenegro
  3. part of Balkan League
  4. Kipling wrote about it, spread of Christianity
  5. part of Balkan League
  6. region ruled by two nations (dont put dual monarchy)

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  1. Balkan Leaguenations (Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro) that declared war on Ottoman Empire


  2. sphere of influencepart of Balkan League


  3. Barvariapart of Balkan League that lost a lot of land


  4. Bulgariapart of Balkan League that lost a lot of land


  5. Bosniapart of Balkan League


  6. Serbiasouthern german state that joined Prussia because of Napoleon's letter


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