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  1. 2 nations rule together
  2. part of Balkan League
  3. region in which one nation had special or exclusive, economic or political privledges that other nations must abied to
  4. part of Balkan League that lost a lot of land
  5. part of Balkan League
  6. part of Balkan League

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  1. Bosniaforeigh country that takes complate control of another area or nation


  2. Barvariapart of Balkan League that lost a lot of land


  3. fashoda crisisFrance recognized Britian as master of Sudan


  4. Balkan Leaguesouthern german state that joined Prussia because of Napoleon's letter


  5. protectoratecolony, native ruler still has title but officials from foreign country has power


  6. Herzegovinapart of Balkan League