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Vocabulary Words assigned from book Roll of Thunder By Mildred D. Taylor, chapters 6-8.


(adj.) Capable of being heard, loud enough to be heard
Synonyms: Clear, distinct, loud enough


(v.) To scold, to censure
Synonyms: scolding, lecture, talking- to


(n.) To proud of oneself, conceit; a small table for putting on makeup
Synonyms: arrogance, smugness, big-headedness, pride, smugness


(adj.) Angry because of something that is not right, resentful
Synonyms: disgruntled, exasperated, heated, riled, upset


(adv.) looking or sounding as if something bad will happen; foreboding, threatening
Synonyms: darkly, fatefully, perilously


(n.) a smug expression, a twisted smile
Synonyms: sneer, grin, leer


(v.) to parade or display in an obvious or showy way; to ignore or treat with disdain or contempt
Synonyms: showing off, boasting


(adv.) to be frank or outspoken, straightforward; free from reservation; impartial; informal, unposed
Synonyms: honestly, openly, sincerely, naturally, casually


(v.) to stick out
Synonyms: bulge, poke out


(v.) to pierce
Synonyms: puncture, run through


(v.) to stroll, to walk slowly, to meander
Synonyms: amble, ramble, tarry


(v.) to stay away from, to deliberately avoid
Synonyms: elude, ignore, shun


(adv.) unpleasant, offensive, causing dislike
Synonyms: displeasingly


(v.) to hesitate, to make a nervous movement away
Synonyms: cringe, recoil


(v.) to insert between other things
Synonyms: interrupt, insinuate, put in

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