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By Samuel Marcus in Web Design I

Body Element

controls everything.
like setting default values for properties.
commonly used to set font family and size.
Foreground color and background color.

Using text property

Control whitespace between words and letter.
tab indents
change case
line spacing.


Adds word-processing like capabilities.

Creating a Spread Heading

Letter spacing property
word spacing property
Spread heading

Letter spacing property

Controls Kerning.

word-spacing property

Controls space between words.

Spread heading

When used together these 2 properties create a special effect. Can be used for head lines.

aligning text

text-align property

text-align property

Values of (right, left, center, justifying.)

indenting Text

Text indenting property value
line-height property value

Text indenting property value

Can be in em, pixels or %.

line-height property value

Can be a number. 1.0 is single space. 2.0 is double space values can also be in em, pixels or %.

Changing the case of text

text transform property values:

text transform property values:


Text Decoration

Text-Decoration property values:

Text-Decoration property values:


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