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Top 100 Learning Tools Quiz

A website that allows one to create blogs by adding text, pictures, videos, links, and tags.
An app that allows for collaboration between groups on any device. Also, it allows you to make graphs, to do lists, personal notes, take pictures, videos, and sound recordings.
An app that gives an individual 140 characters to discuss their opinion, share a video, or share links. There are also hashtags that people can use to connect with others on a certain topic.
An app that allows one to edit video clips, add special effects, add music, and add voice recordings to videos.
A website where you can publish professional information about yourself to make professional connections for future jobs, information, and relationships.
An app where you can write a status about anything you want to share. You can post photos, videos, share links, chat, and make comments to interact with people.
A website where you can look up videos of any genre for fun, a club, academics, work, and many others
A website where you can make quizzes and study guides for academics and interesting topics.
An app where you an make a slideshow and are able to add pictures, information, bullet point facts, links to videos, and much more.
Google Docs
An app where you can create documents for classes, professional papers, or just for fun. This app allows individuals to share documents with one another and edit them. Also, it saves automatically any changes you do.
Google Drive
Is a drive that holds many apps you can use for different kinds of purpose. This includes Google docs, groups, contacts, slides, sheets, sites, and much more.