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Terms: Nature-Nurture & Prenatal Development: Conception to birth.


changes in behavior and/or abilities

Nature-Nurture issue

the degree to which biology or the environmental contributes to one's development.


Genetics, one's biology


total effect of one's environmental events and circumstances that influence your development.


a fertilized egg

germinal stage

the first stage of prenatal development, from conception to 14 days.

embryonic stage

the second stage of prenatal development, lasting from the 2nd through the 8th week.

fetal stage

the stare of prenatal development from the 9th week through the 9th month

down syndrome

a genetic birth disorder resulting from an extra 21st chromosome, characterized by distinct facial features and greater likelihood of heart defects and mental retardation.


an environmental substance that host the potential to arm the developing organism.

sensitive period

in prenatal development, a time when genetic and environmental agents are most likel to cause birth defects.

fetal alcohol syndrome ( FAS)

a birth condition resulting from the mother's chronic use of alcohol during pregnancy, it characterized by facial and limb deformities and mental retardation.


newborn during the first 28 days of life.


an automatic response to a specific environmental stimulus

gross motor skills

motor behaviors involving the large muscles of the body

fine motor skills

motor behaviors involving the small muscles of the body.

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