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Facts about Carroll University

Carroll's Theme for the 2015-2016 school year
Carroll's Four Pillars
1. Integrated Knowledge 2. Lifelong Skills 3. Enduring Values 4. Gateway Experience
Board of Trustees Chair of Carroll University
James G. DeJong
What does CCE stand for
Cross Cultural Experience
Where is Dr. Simpson's office?
Rankin 211
What year was Carroll founded?
What Carroll Alumni worked as a CEO at Target?
Gregg Steinhafel
What did McAllister house?
Carroll's Civil War Institute
When Carroll first opened, how many people were there?
2 faculty members and 5 men
What did Carroll students needs to join when coming to school here until 1920?
Greek Life
How many women enrolled to Carroll this year(2015-2016)?
How many men enrolled at Carroll this year (2015-2016)?